Wednesday, 1 October 2014

So long September!

Well that was another quick month, Autumn has well and truly made it's self know around here with chillier mornings and the leaves starting to litter the ground! I am a Spring person, but there is something so comforting about the arrival of Autumn.
I've had a manic September, a trip to The Handmade Fair which I never got to blog about, two new items made towards my handmade wardrobe (three if you count the Color Affection Shawl), an assembled quilt top and a tiny bit of secret sewing.
I'm hoping for another knitted finish for October, of course my cushion for Helen has to be made and another Emery Dress? Maybe?
I'm off to sift through my very neglected FAL list and see what the damage was this quarter and to read all of the other Fresh Sewing Day posts!

I'm linking up with the lovely Lynne's

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  1. Look at all you accomplish! Amazing and so pretty...all of it. I love your polka dot dress with the black look darling in that! And of course I love your shawl and the quilt top and the summer're inspiring me! Thank you!

  2. You've accomplished quite a lot. And please tell me you're dressing as Minnie Mouse for Halloween because that dress is too cute not to.

  3. I love the Lizzy House Catnap print and that you used it in a top. I've been meaning to buy some selections from that line, and your post may just be the inspiration I need. : )

  4. You are on a roll! All looks great x

  5. Loving the handmade wardrobe items, especially the Minnie dress!!

  6. You looks fabulous in that red dress!

  7. I hope you manage to make another Emery dress, they really suit you!


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