Tuesday, 7 October 2014

FAL 2014 - Q3: the results

Well, I did knock more off The List than the last quarter….but there are just some that are determine to say on the list for the year or more!!
So, how did I do.

Baby Girl Quilt
It is still in the assembled but unquilted state!

Chicopee Swoon
Errrrr, still just 6 blocks made!!!

HST Cushion
Still in the tiny squares it was in before….moving along swiftly!!!

The Blocks Called Fred
These need finding, assembling, quilting and making into a cushion.
Finished and well and truly in use, post here!!!

Stormy Hitchhiker
It's finished and very much around my neck these last few wet and chilly days! Post here.

Molly Market Tote
This was one of the first things off the list and has been used to death over the summer! Post here.

Thread Catchers

These are finished and have been swapped out to 3 lovely swapper at FQR and I still have the blue one all for myself! Post here.

So that is a finish of 4 out of 7 things, some things I really need a kick up the arse to finish, but I think it's because they are not needed that they keep being put to the bottom of the list!
Quater 4 looks to be a manic crazy few months in this household and I look to have a few wip's that are still very much being ignored and are outstanding!!! But all I ask is a few more hours in a day or even an extra day in the weekend and everything will be fine!!!!!
I've missed linking up with the wonderful master of FAL 2014 ceremony Miss Katy, but I still wanted to post how I'd gotten on.
Heres is to a fantastic last quarter full of finishes!!!!


  1. Way to go! I need to sew more...I think you get more finished projects faster than knitting and crocheting! LOL! I think my next shawl will be a Hitchhiker as I love yours!

  2. Oh, well done!!! I'm really looking forward to seeing more of those gorgeous Swoon blocks, though, so I hope that's on your Q4 list!


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