Thursday, 9 October 2014

Raspberry Leaf Tea Scarf Finish

During the last few weeks of pregnancy with all three of my little darlings I drank copious amounts of Raspberry Leaf Tea, under the rouse that it can ease labour. Now, there is no real evidence here that it works, but if you tell a pregnant woman that standing on her head and singing I'm a Little Teapot will help labour they will do it! Needless to say after the amount I drank in those last few weeks of pregnancy I now HATE fruit teas, the smell and the taste! Eurgh!
So, (reason for the ramble will be apparent now!) when I saw this scarf pattern at The Wool Sanctuary, I ignored it, until I saw NEON WOOL!! Need I say more!
The pattern is by the lovely Suzie Johnson and because it is super chunky it knits up so quickly. It is such a textured scarf, that I just want to keep snuggling it!
The yarn is actually 70% acrylic 30% wool, but is not a bit squeaky or plastic feeling which I can find with a lot of acrylic ones!

The details

It has taken me 3 weeks on night knitting, but it could have been finished a lot sooner, I was just lazy!
Elvis lip again!
It is soooooo long it can go around my neck quite a few times and as my husband said, I won't get lost wearing it!!!

I've got my next project lined up, just need to get my head around reading a chart again, and it's on 4ply so this may take a while!


  1. If you would have told me years ago that neon would be "in"...I would have said "never"! and that goes to show you how wrong I can be! And I like it too which even shocks me self. LOL! I love yours and the name of it and had to laugh about the labor true! I'm sworn off bulky yarn though as for some reason it makes my hands sore...I think I have tight tension and the bulky just exacerbates it. Have you seen some of the projects at Purl Soho using neon yarn? They have some cute ones too. There's one very simple blanket that's gray but has some neon stripes occasionally. I really like that one. Congratulations on your lovely scarf and a finish! Great for the should make ones for your family too so you can spot each other! LOL!

  2. Ohhh, I love your scarf and the colour! I really want to knit a scarf, but I am a complete novice. That said, I have been obsessing about this one, but the cost of the yummy wool is a bit prohibitive based on the fact that I probably wouldn't finish it! Your wool is very cool though - food for thought :)

  3. That looks super-cosy. Love the colour and the photo face!

  4. We'll definitely not be losing you in that!

  5. It's certainly bright! And gorgeous, of course!


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