Wednesday, 8 October 2014

New Toy!

Monday morning saw me browsing through my IG feed and at 8am I stumbled across one of the amazing dressmaking ladies that I follow, in a Lidl store buying an Overlocker. An OVERLOCKER from Lidl!!! I dumped the children at school and hotfooted it to my local one and after handing over £129 of my saved birthday money I left the store with this!!!
A Singer 14SH754, which according to the good folks of Google would have cost me as least £120 more from a few online and local shops!
She was set up by the afternoon, next to the beast that is Susie the Sewing machine and as each male member of the family came home from school or work they all said "ANOTHER sewing machine", although my husband also asked was I setting up a section of Underworld on the kitchen table! Cheeky sods!
I am starting to spread along the table, I think I need a sewing room!! 
After a bit of threading and faffing I put her to work the next day. I want to overlocker ALL the fabrics and I might have already started. She's helped me whizz through a new Emery Dress, that if it would stop blinking raining here I would get a photo of! 
The children have named her Olive the Overlocker, which I think that gives her a good solid, work horse name! Do you name your machines, or am I just a little more weirder than I thought??? 

Now, this may look like a impulse buy, but I had been hinting, not too subtlety to Father Christmas that I would like the Janome one, to help with dress making and children's clothing, so I have not only saved a few quid, but I've now got space on my Christmas list for something else!!!! Win, win!

So, any Overlocker tips or tutorials?? I've already been scouring Pinterest and love Kerry's Board, but I keep hearing "Mind the cutter!!' so anything else I need to remember.  


  1. Lalala not listening! Doesn't you husband know that you already have overlocking stitches on your Horizon? Just saying!!

  2. I wanted one but my Lidl was sold out by Monday night!

  3. Awesome! So exciting! I bought one used and let it sit for 6 months because I was so afraid of threading it. Everyone told me to really rely on Youtube but I wish that I had paid more attention to the manual- as the youtube videos I found helped me totally miss a crucial part of the threading process. I had really bad tension issues at first- and I played with the tension dials a TON but it turned out it was threaded wrong. If you have a friend nearby who can walk you through the basics- that would also be helpful! Congrats and good luck!

  4. I must not be that much of a sewer as I have not felt the need for one of these....yet. But I'm really happy for you!

  5. I'm sure I saw these in Lidl last week, but as I don't make clothes it didn't even register, good luck and enjoy :o)

  6. Wow what a deal! Wow you will love it I'm sure, I'm looking forward to hearing about how you get on with it!

  7. Wow,fabulous toy.Have fun playing with it!!

  8. Have fun with the new toy!

    I have Big Brother (current sewing machine), Little Brother (original wee sewing machine I bought) and Big Brother's Little Brother (the overlocker). Guess what brand they all are ;o)


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