Monday, 13 October 2014

2014 FAL - Q4: My final list for the year

It quite scary writing the Q4 list, as I really can't quite believe that we are nearing the end of the year! And more to the point I can't believe that some of these wip's have been on the list for nearly a year!

Finish Along 2014
Anyhoo, heres the list.

1. Fabulously Fast Fat Quarterly Tile Quilt

Thats a bit of a tongue twister. The top needs two borders to be added to it, and then basting and quilting.

2. Cushion for Helen
These are my ones, she will be getting something like this
Is is a paper pieced Christmas Cushion that Helen won in my giveaway. I've started it, (but can't show you, as the end result is a surprise for her!) the block needs finishing, quilting and turning into a cushion.

3. Magrathea Shawl 
This is about a quarter of the way through the skein, think I need to order another skein!!!

4. Chicopee Swoon
This has been on the list for ever and wasn't touched at all in the last quarter (hangs head in shame), I need to make the last 3 blocks, assemble, border, baste and quilt it!!

5. HST Cushion
This has been on the list for the whole year now, so needs to be finished!

6. Baby girl quilt
A whole year of being a wip too! Needs basting, backing and quilting.

7. Paper pieced post hanger thing
This was started at FQR and needs to have the postman finished and made up and the letter block finished too!

So, not too bad, if we wasn't coming into the busiest time of the year for me.
Thanks again to Katy for kicking us along this year and doing the god awful task of checking all that we have done! I'm off to pick a project to get cracking with! 


  1. Choose the Posy baby quilt - please!! It is just too sweet!

  2. I can sympathise with having HSTs hanging around forever.... good luck :)

  3. Best get stitching there missy ;o)

  4. I'm especially excited about the second item on the list!!!


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