Friday, 20 September 2013

Slow Sewing

This week the boys have started back with their full after school activities, which gives me the job of rota juggler and taxi driver. I haven't seen the eldest before 5 each evening this week and my little lady had her first day at play school, which was really scary......for me!!

On the sewing front, I haven't really got much done, my machine is not playing nicely and I'm determined to get myself a new one. I've got my eye on the Pfaff Expression 2.0, there are lots of negative reviews about the 4.0 but nowt much online about the 2.0. And unfortunately I've not got the budget for the Janome Horizon 8200 for something which is just for my fabric obsessed hobby!
Anyway, I have been plodding along with the hand quilting of my Spinning Stars each evening and am amazed at how addictive it is! Although, I've had to get a thimble, as my poor finger is suffering!
And I love the effect on the back, even if my stitching isn't very neat!
I've also been chopping some fabric in anticipation of getting some sewing done, one lot for a cushion! (we won't be able to sit on our sofa if I carry on making cushions!!)
Which is all halloweeny!
And then another lot of fabric
(not too sure if I've picked too many fabrics, I may have to narrow it down bit)
for the Hootenanny quilt for Son No.2 from this book.
I just need to pick which grey to use, Ash on the left or Medium Grey on the right? Any ideas?

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  1. Your spinning stars look great. I hope you find a new machine that you like:)

  2. For the machine, have you god a good dealer that you can go to with a whole range of machines? If you do, you should be able to go and try out all the available models, work out what's available in your price range, and possibly work out a payment plan (that's what I did)

  3. A thimble is a must for quilting. My grandmother who was a tailoress never did a stitch without wearing a thimble, something I found very awkward and cumbersome to use when I was a child. Fast forward many years to when I started Patchwork and Quilting and I took to a thimble like a duck to water. Now I am like Nana, I can't sew a stitch without a thimble!

  4. I broke about 6 of those black and gold ("stronger than strong") needles the one and only time I hand quilted. Loving your work though x


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