Sunday, 15 September 2013

I need a hero...... ✓

and now I have two!
Superman and Wonder Woman or Cooperman and Blunder Woman which is a bit more like our house!  And yes, I did grow-up watching Russ Abbot!
I started these blocks back in June when Kristy from Quiet Play asked for pattern testers (patterns are now available and the Lego ones are all FREE here) on Instagram and I just knew they would be a great cushion as an anniversary present for the husband. Well, it may be two months late, but it's finished and it's the thought that counts!
We are massive Lego fans in this house and the boys have far too much that seems to get everywhere. Especially under my bare feet!! (OUCH!) And, often when my husband or I are moaning and listing what we've done in a day we will say 'your such a hero!' So a perfect combination and it won't hurt me if I tread on it!
I used my very precious red chevron for the back, with a red dot that I have loads of from John Lewis. I asked the good people of IG to help me pick a binding as my brain had given up making decisions and they very wisely picked the black and white text from Architextures, which frames it perfectly.
The facial expressions were pretty tricky to get right, I could get one eye or eyebrow perfect but the second would never match, so I unpicked it several times... I've also not put the star on her headband, as I quite like it as it is!
My machine was having a moment when I was putting it together,  whilst zig-zaging the front and back it kept jumping stitches!
I don't know why or what to do about it? But it's a good excuse to keep saving for my new machine!!
So, thats my first finish on my Q3 list for the 2013 FAL and I fear it may be the only one!!!
But coincidentally the theme for le challenge this summer was Heroes and it was that which gave me the kick to finish this one up, I can't wait to see all the other hero themed projects! And to see what the next theme is.

Le Challenge


  1. That is brilliant! The faces look great and the fabrics are perfect!

  2. It's super{hero}b! I rofl'ed when you reminded me about Russ Abbott's version.
    I always seem to be treading on ruddy lego - it hurts so badly. I think I need to make a similar cushion to donk the lego owner over the head with after such an incident.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! My little super heroes would die if I made something like that for them.

    As for the skipping stitches, that drove me bonkers about my last machine! I still have no idea why that happened either. Someone suggested I should have been using a sharper needle, but who knows?!?!?

  4. This cushion is absolutely superb!!! What a brilliant pattern - and the backing is perfect too. Does this earn you some extra brownie points to put towards that new machine ....?

  5. Oh I love t. Thanks for participating in le challenge!

  6. Love Superman's expression, so manly, maybe the one your husband wears when you mention the need for a new machine. When you find out why your machine skips stitches will you let me know I have been having that same problem, mine also sidles to the side when I do my first stitch it is so weird.

  7. Brilliant. Their facial expressions make them quite an indomitable pair.

  8. These are both brilliant ... And I know how time consuming paper piecing is!

  9. This is such a fun pillow!! The expressions give them so much personality.

  10. Lovely work! Looks quite complicated too. I used Wonder Woman for my entry but it is not as detailed.
    Any thoughts on the next theme?

  11. That is a super cute pillow and I love the larger width, perfect for snuggling.

  12. This looks fantastic! Great detail on the faces.
    M x

  13. I love the expressions you've given them! I'm lucky in that my daughter hasn't really started playing with lego so my feet are safe!

    I had a problem recently with my machine skipping stitches whilst going through a few layers. I changed to a'jeans needle and skip no more it did :-D


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