Friday, 13 September 2013

Plodding Along!

So, I'm still working at the wip's! I feel it may take some time, but I've got 2 quilts I really want to make for Christmas, so I have to keep on with the unfinished ones before I start another. That way I can start a guilt-free quilt!!
Last night I basted The Beast, my Spinning Stars quilt.
I'd asked The Quilters of Instagram for some taping tips to get my basting better and the lovely Susan of Canadian Abroad suggested clear packing tape and it worked a treat! I know I'd originally said that I would get this basted  by a longarm quilter, but my localish lady want £80 just to baste it and maybe I'm tight, but I couldn't spend that money on stitches that would be taken out!! Especially when I could spend it on more fabric!
So, I manned up and got it done and used the money to order some more fabric. It's now ready for a those cool nights we are getting, to snuggle under and hand quilt. Any hand quilting tips anyone?

And today, I've been having a play at circular quilting.
They are very very wonky organic circles, but I love how they are looking on that Spring Carnival. I've run out of the grey I was using, but after I've stocked back up I'll carry on with the quilting and get that into a cushion.
And lastly I'm trying to get the a tiny bit of binding sewn down on another cushion. I'm nearly there, if I could just be uninterrupted for a few minutes!!


  1. That hand quilting thread looks pefect! Flossie tea cakes was talking about hand quilting on her IG feed a few weeks ago.

  2. Hand quilting advice? Don't do it ;o) Sorry, I just don't have the patience lol

    As for £80 for the basting, good grief, you could have nearly got it all long armed for that price!

  3. So right about that £80 - can't wait to see what you really spent it on!

  4. Wow, this sure looks involved!! You are doing a lovely job, good luck with getting them completed for Christmas!

  5. I hate basting too but would hate parting with £80 more! This will look great with those lovely perle cottons. Think of the fabric you could buy with that! Love the Little Apples EPP and your organic quilting looks fab!

  6. i'm a bit weird I guess in that I don't mind basting. I'd do it for half the price ;)
    love your spinning stars


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