Sunday, 8 September 2013

Belated summer round-up!

It seems like our holiday was ages ago, when really we've only been back for just over a week!!
But, this week has been crazily busy and finally both boys are back to school and we are trying to find our routine.
The summer was brilliant, we spent it with my parents in Southern Spain. We ate far far too much gorgeous local food, especially fish!
We celebrated two birthdays, mine and my dad's! 
Dodgy post beach photo!!  
I saw lots of quilty patterns.
 And on my last night discovered a quilt shop, which was shut!! 
I'd have loved to have a nose around in there! 
And the local zoo was open till midnight, which was fantastic!! 
So, I took a fair few projects away with me and as we were there for nearly 4 weeks I got a few of them done.
My Little Apples Spring Carnival is now appliqu├ęd onto a backing.
 This should count as two as I did it twice!!!
The first time it was so basted that I unpicked it and started again. Just need to quilt it and turn it into a cushion.
Next, I got the three Rowan Kidsilk scarfs done.
Just need to get some gloves and they are completed Christmas presents!
Then, I caught up with my Frosted Pumpkin Woodland Sampler.
I had started June, so had a bit to do. But it was the perfect thing to pick up after the children were in bed of an evening.
And lastly I started Triangle City EPP by Katy Jones .
I didn't get very far, but I'll keep plodding along with it!
So, that was my summer. It all went far too fast, but I have to say I'm looking forward to cooler evening and having an excuse to making another quilt to keep warm under!!!
Can I ask if anyone is having trouble with scheduling blog posts, as the ones that should have been published when I was away didn't and I had to publish them myself when I found wifi? I don't know if I did it wrong, but it normally works! Or was Blogger having a moment!!! 


  1. For some reason I suddenly feel very hungry:-) Looks like you had a good and productive summer - love the fussy cutting on the Little Apples! Re scheduling I once scheduled some posts which didn't work and realised that I'd lined them up but hadn't actually hit the Publish button on them. I'm sure you're brighter than that!:-)

  2. My scheduling works fine, but it doesn't always show up in my dashboard feed on time of late.

    Most of the projects look great, but if you don't mind me saying, it looks like your Triangle City has been bombed ;o)

  3. Looks like you had a fab summer, shame you only came across that shop on your last day. I love poking around shops like that on holiday there is always something unusual that catches my eye.


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