Thursday, 26 September 2013

Paper Pieced Out!

I'm ploughing through my to do list, to get some things finished and high up there on the list are the And Sew on Bom blocks by Kristy! I am really far in, May was the last block I completed!!
So, yesterday I had a printing session and pulled out all the scraps I have been using and got to work on two of the outstanding four today.

September's Sewing Sanctuary
It's got a few mistakes, but I'm not looking too closely. The bin is one of them, it's the exactly the same as Mary's and I read her post so should have remembered!
I did have to unpick quite a bit, where I added floor instead of wall.
Which I could have kicked myself for.
But, I'm really really pleased with it!

Then came June's A Stitch in Time.
I went for one simple and one hard block so I didn't hate paper piecing by the end of it.
And here are my blocks so far together,
I've got plans to get the other two done tomorrow.........if I ignore the housework and let the children get themselves to and from school!!!
I'm still plodding along with the hand quilting each evening, I don't know when I will finish it. It's a lot slower than quilting it through the machine!
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  1. Wow! What a fantastic block! You stormed it.
    And I love all those paper pieced blocks together - its going to be magnificent.
    Thanks for linking up this week

  2. I just LOVE your sewing sanctuary block, I had to click through straight away. I think it was worth the unpicking. I must take more photos of mistakes as I make them, it almost makes them feel like they have a "purpose" then!

  3. Totally clever! I must learn how to do foundation piecing, tho it looks like it can be tricky!

  4. Wow this is the most complex PP block I have EVER seen. Brilliantly executed! This is going to be one amazing quilt.

  5. Cool :o) Although if you label the bits as you cut them you reduce the wall/table mistakes ;o)

  6. Your blocks are looking fantastic together! I'm impressed you tackled them both in one day with so few mistakes! Well done!

  7. Good on you for being half way to caught up... I'm 4 behind too and feel on top of the world after finishing my sewing sanctuary this morning!~ I really love your fussy cut pictures and your quilt. The 7 of them look great together - love the touches of orange throughout!

  8. Great block, you were really on a roll.

  9. I love the colour palette you chose for these blocks - they look absolutely sensational together! A huge well done to you!! I'm still two blocks behind and will probably just catch up next year!

  10. I love PP but haven't got the guts to try that block so well done


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