Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Penguin Progress!

It's freezing here and the snow does not close my children's school. The head teacher has the school open in all weather, so that has resulted in a few slippery school runs so far this week for me!!
And, I have only been able to move the car today, as our road turns into an ice rink at the first flutter of a snowflake! The local teenagers have been using the road for sledging!!
Anyway, I've been able to get some sewing done this week under the pretence of using the fabric to keep warm!
First up Pete the Penguin Cushion (as he has been named in our house).
He is from the book Pretty in Patchwork and is the January project for the sew along on Threadbias. He is very cute and came together really well, but......... there is a bit of black sticking out where it shouldn't be, on the right side of his head! Also he is the wrong way around, according to the photos in the book. I was so preoccupied re-reading the instructions as to where I went wrong flipping him that I didn't see the extra bit. So it's staying, and kind of makes him look like he's tilting his head. I hope.
All I have to do today, is get the back together and bind it.
Should be finished by this afternoon!

My Happy-go-Lucky in Summersville quilt top is together and I went with the red borders.

I just have to piece a back.
The numbers fabric is from IKEA,  but is a few inches to narrow. So I could either use a spotty strip down the side or piece a strip with leftover Summersville fabric.
I think I'm feeling lazy and will go for the easy spotty strip, which do you think?
It's curently hanging on the kitchen wall and is really making me think that some kind of hanging should go there!.
I'll have to have a think on that and convince The Husband.
I've still not got the Epi-pen pouch done and I'm having printing issues (it wont work) so can't have a go at the Everything and the Kitchen Sink sew along. I will give the printer a swift kick and hopefully will be able to have a go at it this weekend.
Thats what I'm working on today, as well as keeping warm.
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  1. There is not a thing wrong with that penguin. He's perfect. I totally love the little spike off the side of his head, it looks intentional. Like a cowlick! What a cute pillow he will make.

  2. I love your tilted head penguin! I got that book for Christmas and that's one of the projects I want to make.

  3. Pete the Penguin is fabulous! Brilliant paper piecing. He will make a v fun cushion!

    Also the red solid is perfect on the Summersville quilt - lovely and bold. Gorgeous!

  4. The penguin is perfect as is! I would never have noticed the extra bit if you hadn't told us. He's dead cute and your "mistake" has only made him all the more special. I'd adopt him straight away. Lovely quilt top, too.

  5. Love the penguin cushion. He's too cute.

  6. The penguin is adorable. Love the eyes. He has so much personality.

  7. Okay that penguin is just too cute! I didn't notice the spot until you pointed it out and I think you are right it makes him look like he is tilting his head. I would say go with the pieced strip of Summersville but the dots look nice too.

  8. I love that wee penguin :oD I'd go with the dots

  9. I love the penguin! He just looks like he has a feather out of a cowlick. I had to look MULTIPLE times before I could even tell what you were talking about. I like it equally spotted or the I say go with what's easiest :)

  10. He's adorable! The little bit on the side of his head looks really great - I thought it was supposed to be that way. :) (I think the left-overs look better with the number fabric - the spots are fun, but seem to mush into the numbers a bit)

  11. Pete the penguin is such a sweetie.

  12. Great cushion, the spike gives him character!

    Vote for the dots for the backing, your quilt top looks great with the red borders.

  13. I love the penguin!! I may have to get that book, just for that pattern!!
    P.S. I'm voting for the dots!

  14. Love, love, love the cushion cover, he looks perfect to me. I love dotty fabric, so I'd go for the spots. Have a good weekend. Deb x

  15. Love the penguin, I shouldn't point out the mistakes if I were you, as He looks perfect as he is.

    I like the spotty fabric!


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