Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Fabric winnings and a early bird sew along!

I may have mentioned one or a million two times that my tree skirt won a prize in the Sew Seasonal Blog Hop and I can honestly say that I didn't read to much into the prizes when I downloaded the patterns. I was just chuffed to be getting a bunch of amazing paper pieced patterns for free and when I did link up my project I never thought it would be picked.
But it was, and I was lucky enough to win a fq bundle of Joy by Kate Spain from The Intrepid Thread!
I was already an admirer of this line and had used a few of the prints in the tree skirt and had made my Vintage Holiday quilt using it.
So when it arrived during Christmas and New Year I was so excited....
And two panels!

Julie from The Intrepid Thread had emailed me before she sent it out and I asked if I could add a tiny, small order in with it and heres what I added!!!
 A bundle of Type
And some Guising! ( I have been desperate to get my hands on some of this!! Still a few more to look out for! )
Due to a couple of fq of Joy going missing Julie sent me the Guising for free! What an amazingly generous person, I was just ecstatic to win any fabric and honestly would not have known or minded if anything was not there!!
Now, I did have this Christmas fabric all bagged up for a lot later in the year, but........ Mary emailed me about a Sew Along on Threadbias for the Pretty in Patchwork book and you know I'm a huge fan of this book. I loved making the Read Between the Lines cushion It's only one thing a month, how achievable is that?!? And how ready for Christmas would I be for next year? Or am I mad?!
Answers on a postcard please.

                                                                        Pretty In Patchwork Sew Along


  1. Wow what a lot of lovely fabric! Congratulations again.
    Yes join in the sew along - I've done the paper piecing of a penguin cushion, just need to make it into a full on panel and cushion! I'm going with the fact that I might not be able to sew after this month so take my kicks where I can!

  2. Ooh! That is a lovely bundle of fabric, and well deserved too!

    Of course you are not mad, the correct description is passionate :)

  3. Lucky lucky you! What lovely fabric. And those orange prints are so nice & bright too. Happy sewing! x

  4. Great prize, and the sew along sounds like a plan...


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