Saturday, 26 January 2013

Socks away!

Any of my earlier followers (if theres any left!) will know, before I came completely addicted to fabric, quilting and sewing I really loved knitting and crochet. Unfortunately, a toddler who loves to pull needles out of knitting and unravel crochet chains slowed me down for a while. So woolly makes have been very slow over here.
Until I saw that Sarah from Crafts from the Cwtch was hosting a Next Step Sock Knitalong (NSSKal). I had made a couple of pairs of sock last year, but both were plain and the second sock was a bit slower in coming along than the first. So I decided to jump in and try something a bit different. Two at once!
I ordered Socks from the toe up, picked a pattern and settled in front of YouTube for some assistance!
And this is where I am!
The cast-on read as a very frighting experience, but actually was ok and I'm ready to start with the pattern.

Pattern : Dead Simple Lace Socks from Socks from the Toe Up by Wendy D. Johnson

The yarn was not bought especially, but sock yarn that I had in my stash. I'm trying not to buy more wool when I already have a considerable stash of it!!!
I hope to update how I'm getting on and link up to Sarah's blog each week.  

                                                                                KAL details now on the blog!!!


  1. Gorgeous colour, I'll be interested to know as you going along, how you are finding knitting two together. I may give this ago when I finish the pair I'm doing for NSS KAL. Deb x

  2. Have fun with it! The stripiness will look cool when it's done :o)

  3. I love your yarn, they will be very smart socks when finished!

  4. Wow! I threw away my ugly unfinished sock last weekend. So you can Magic Loop two at once, eh? You make me want to try again.

  5. Great yarn, fab colour, I've bought some, but got completely the wrong colour, saw what I wanted on eBay, then managed to match up the wrong name....ooooppps.

    Well done on getting your toes on the go, I read the instructions too and couldn't figure what on earth it was about, but in reality it wasn't so bad....I've just finished my sample socks so onto the real ones, I've seen the pattern I want to make, but it's way beyond me with charts that i just know nothing about, so it's an easier start for me and work towards the others ifi don't get bored of sock knitting before then!

  6. Being a total dweeb and not understanding different cast ons etc... But are you using two circs? Someone asked if I was doing magic loop as i was using one circular needle, I have no idea, just doing what the book said.....if that's two circs, is that the same thing? Yep....I'm blonde!

  7. I love that yarn - can't wait to see how it looks knitted up, I think it'll be lovely x


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