Friday, 25 January 2013

Introducing Pete the Penguin!

He is finished!!
And we all kind of love him!!
A running joke with our family is whenever anything is going wrong we use the penguins saying from Madagascar "Just smile and wave boys, smile and wave!" And he is really reminding us of this! 
He's from the book Pretty in Patchwork: Holidays and I've made him as Januarys make from the sew along on Threadbias. But I can definitely see the other penguin and polar bear being made before Christmas. He came together really quickly and I loved the different way of making the eyes. It makes him seem so much cuter!
I used Sherbet Pips Skipping Squares in Aqua by Annela Hoey for the background as I felt is looked like snow falling and Happy Drawing, Scribbles in Grey for the border.
I didn't make the smaller block for the back zip panel as my printer was on strike (and still is!) and I wanted him finished this week. Instead went for my old favourite red and white polka dots and some more scribbles for the zip cover.
I've never made a cushion with a covered zip, but it was surprisingly easy and helps to cover any of my wonky topstitching!! I will use that method again.
Februarys make is the 'Holiday surprise reverse appliqué pillow' which I was keen to make when I first got the book but ran out of time. So I can't wait!

                                                                  Pretty In Patchwork Sew Along


  1. It's perfect and absolutely adorable. Great fabric choice. Love the penguins form Madagascar, too.

  2. I adore that penguin, thinking of buying the book so I can make one!

  3. He is just gorgeous Joanne, the covered zip looks very professional too. Great finish!

  4. Well done, he looks gorgeous, love the choice of background print

  5. It is a lovely cushion, I love the fabrics you have used for it :)

  6. I'd be in there fighting for him too!

  7. Looks great, so much character....I haven't seen the film, but I could definitely go with smiling and waving!


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