Friday, 11 January 2013

Finish Along - My first quarter list

I watched the finish along last year from the sidelines, but this year I feel I need to join in to get some of my starts to finishes!!! So I am jumping on the Finish-A-Long wagon which this year is being hosted by Leanne

she can quilt

First up, to turn this spinning star block into a cushion cover.

Next, I started this Happy-go-lucky quilt from the Simplify book by Camille Roskelley in the summer with my Summerville Jellyroll, everything is cut and I've got everything to make it, I just need to get on with it!!
I still love it as much as when I started it but it just kept getting put to the bottom of the pile.

Also, I've had a cross stitch from Supersize Stitches on the go that need to be finished and also turned into a cushion pretty quickly.
After de-Christmasing the house, I've got a fair few cushion pads that needs pretty fabric coverings and this will be perfect for one of them!

And lastly, I've got a zip pouch all cut out and ready to go for my sons Epi-Pens. I haven't got any photos as I can't find were I've hidden safely put the plastic wallet with all the bits in!!

I know it's only a few finishes for this quarter, but I have a rush of birthdays in February and March so thats enough and thats without a few other projects that I haven't even started yet................but they are sure to be added to the next quarters list!!! 


  1. Looks like you will be sporting some lovely new cushion covers soon!

    Good luck with your finishes.

  2. Good luck with the list! I'm also going to be gaining a few cushion covers this year lol

  3. These are excellent, I think you will be finished with them soon! I do hope you find the pouch bits soon too. I am glad you have joined us to finish along.

  4. You're welcome for the nomination and htank you for the compliment on my blog. The cross stitches look great!! It's an alternative granny square right?? XO Jenn


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