Tuesday, 1 November 2011

One A Day wk.5

I can't believe that it's already Tuesday and time for my One A Day update. With half term and a teething baby girl, I haven't really managed to fit one in every day and have only managed 6 circles. They are not even hexagons yet :-(

I hoped to get more done, thinking that with the boys being off school and relaxing at home I could steal the odd half an hour here and there to keep on track!! (ha some hope!)

But with Christmas fast approaching I have started a few other projects over the last two weeks. I've been knitting this from  The Knitters Year by Debbie Bliss.

They need blocking and another piece knitted up and assembling but it should turn into these.

They are to be a present for my sister as it's her first Christmas in her new home. They have knitted up amazingly quick and I would like to try them in red and cream next for me.
And have also started this cross stitch from CrossStitcher Magazine which I hope to make into a cushion instead of the apron on the picture.

I am already so excited about Christmas and I would like to think that by being a bit organised and starting Christmas things now I won't be having a mad panic in December!!!

Before I forget, we did get to carve our pumpkin and dress up for Halloween too.    


Hopefully next week I will have caught up and have a bit more to show on the One a Day blanket. Now for the best best bit, to see all the other updates at Gingerbread Girls.


  1. Half terms are good to get some things done, but other things fall off the radar don't they?! I know things all went a little pear shaped with me!

    Well done on your six, soon to be, hexagons!

    Your Noel thing is amazing, looks like very intricate knitting, that is way beyond me....you're right they'd be lovely in red and White too I'm sure.

    Have a great week!

  2. You are a talented knitter. Very nice.

  3. Oh wow, that decoration is brilliant, I wish I could make one of those! Lots of lovely colours in your crochet again, it's really looking pretty. I got very little done over half term as well, never mind, time to regroup and carry on!

  4. Hi!
    Beautiful work! Love the Noel knitting you've done. Your sister will love it. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  5. You have been so busy, the noel looks beautiful can't wait to see it finished, well done on managing just circles with all the kiddies home and one teething. Teething little girls are so much harder than boys hehe. xx

  6. Wow you have certainly been busy! Love the Noel letters, what a lovely idea!
    And you have me once again itching to pull out my cross stitch although I have vowed not to until I get a few of my other projects finished. Oooohh I don't know if I can resist!

  7. Oh wow! Love your fairisle letters they're amazing!!! I tried once but its so complicated :-o

    I'm with you on Christmas I love it tooooo! :-)

  8. Your hexagons are going to be great...and you deserve a medal for fitting everything else in! I love the NOEL letters - I have never tried colour knitting like that... one day... one day... :)x

  9. You still did better than I did so I wouldn't worry, looks like you had lots of fun doing other stuff. Do post the Noel when you've finished it looks lovely, and very tricksy not easy at all!

  10. Wow, I adore the noel letters, they are stunning.

    I always have great plans for half term and never get as much done as I had hoped!

  11. I have noticed half terms has seemed to have affected several crafters :)

    your in progress hexagons are looking good so far though :)

  12. Also loving the Noel. How cool is that!


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