Monday, 28 November 2011

On the wrong foot!! and a win....

So this weekend has been more than a little crazy, my Sister was staying at my parents for her Christmas visit and we were doing Sunday lunch as an early Christmas dinner!!
But this early visit, also meant that presents had to be finished or I would have to spend lots of money on postage nearer the time. So, Saturday found me in front of the sewing machine trying to finish a Christmas cushion.
I had decided that it needed pom poms! Why!
After nearly an hour in front of the machine, trying to fight the pom pom trimming through I realised I forgot to change the foot on the machine! After far to much mumbled swearing at myself and just another 5 mins!!! I finished this

I never make anything to give, unless I really like it, but this I loved. I used spotty fabric for the back and even popped a bell on his hat. (terrible picture but I was rushing to get it wrapped)

Even the boys were impressed, and they never notice what I'm up to. (Unless it involves a football!)
The rest of the evening went to wrapping things up and I have to say I did get a little help from a sneaky glass of wine.

I think Sunday was successful, everyone enjoyed themselves and present were exchanged.

Then this morning I logged on and looked at my top sites and saw 'That Craft Fish' had updated. I reading through seeing who the winner was of the gorgeous Pip Lincolne book Make Hay While the Sun Shines and it was ME!! I couldn't believe it, I re read the post three times to check!! I'm so excited. I found Kirsty's blog when I was looking for some different buttons and came across her shop. I ordered the most wonderful spotty buttons and wanted alot more but had to resist!! I have been recently gazing at her amazing felt, you really need to have a look at her shop.
I'm off to jump around the kitchen....


  1. Congrats on the win. Love the cushion :)

  2. hahaha x big hug! send me your address: x

  3. You lucky thing! Sounds like the perfect culmination to a good weekend. Love the pompoms, I bet they were a bugger to sew though. How nice to have some of your gift swapping already done.


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