Thursday, 17 November 2011

Noel Reveal!!!

My oh my, where has today and yesterday gone. I had great ideas of revealing this yesterday but time ran away from me and the light got too bad to take the last picture!! So here I am today moaning on.....

I have finished my Noel letters!!! Yippee!!

They have been a joy to knit as they are small projects and are quite portable, where as my hexagon blanket is too big to travel with me. I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to assemble them that well, but the key is the double-sided sticky tape. They are suck onto card, then backed with red felt and then stitched together. The pattern is from Debbie Bliss The Knitters Year.

I have had them on the shelf since Monday and the boys keep switching the letters around!!! It has been a running joke in my house, asking 'who is Leon?' "has anyone seen Leon?!!!!
I made these as a present for my sister, but the more family members have seen them the more want them!!! So I have already started a set in red.

For those of you from the One A Day gang you will know I was waiting for some more yarn, and came home today to find this.

So I can get back on with my blanket and the Stylecraft is for another little Christmassy project!!! 
Hope you are all having a fantastic day. 


  1. Thank Joanne for your kind words, it helps so much knowing that people care and there are more good people in this world than bad.
    I love your knitted NOEL it is so cute, have a great weekend.xxxx

  2. You're very clever to knit with two yarn colours like that. Is it fair isle technique? I'm not surprised your family all want one! You asked me about whether the Attic24 baubles a hard - they are reasonably easy as Lucy always provides excellent instructions. They look great on the tree.

  3. Those are brilliant, you've got onto th second ones already too. They don't look very easy but so effective when you finished. I like the red ones.....only wish I was in your family so I could demand some too!

  4. I so wsh I could knit and make some of these! Yay for the wool arriving!


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