Tuesday, 8 November 2011

One A Day wk.6

This week I needed to catch, and was doing so well cramming in a bit extra every day. But the more I looked at it the more I realised it wasn't looking right. I had first thought that as I am coming to the ends of the balls of yarn that it was crinkly and not sitting right so just carried on. Until Sunday evening when the penny dropped.
I had forgot to start the last round with a chain around it. You work out of the chains in this pattern not the space and I had just joined the last 12 with no chains!!

So the only thing to do was.....

It felt so depressing, but I knew I want this to be around for ever and I would always look at it and see the mistake. So yesterday I went to my mums and worked like a mad woman on it and made it right.
I have completed 14 hexagon this week, 12 of them twice  taking my grand total up to 74.

I've got to get some more yarn this week and as my LYS don't have the colours I need and the one a short drive away don't do any of Hand Knit Cotton I think a trip to John Lewis is in order. I could spend hours wandering about their haberdashery department.

I would also love to share these sweet granny squares I saw over on Crafty Chatter yesterday.


They are made by the wonderful Sugar & Meringue and there is a tutorial on how to make them.
Aren't they great. It would be wonderful to make them for a crafty get together, just imagine a blanket of cookies!

After drooling over those magnificent cookies I'm off to Gingerbread Girls to see the progress of everyones projects.


  1. How frustrating about the last round. At least you weren't too far ahead before you realised.

    It's looking lovely and it will not be long before you reach 100!

  2. Argh, I hate doing things like that, but it has to be done and is totally worth it. Your hexis are looking gorgeous anyway. xxxx

  3. Hi!
    That is so frustrating, ripping out what you've already done. I've done that before with a doily. But you got them all done right and that's what counts. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  4. Oh no! You've done the right thing though, you would never have been happy with it otherwise. It's looking beautiful and very neat.

  5. You are totally right, that space in time when you think about frogging or other options and realise there is only one option. ...glad you're thru it and out the other side!

    Those biscuits look amazing, took me a little while to see work out they weren't crochet.

  6. yes, it hurts but you know you've done the right thing afterwards! After a break I 'forgot' how to do my squares and had to undo just one. That was bad enough.

  7. It's depressing isn't it to unravel all that work, but I think your right to do it. I can't let any mistake, no matter how small, go. They whisper to me and I know they are always there. Ha ha! Anyway, you've made great progress despite the slip up, it'll be a gorgeous blanket.
    Those cookies look fab!
    Kier x

  8. Oh my! It must have been hard to unravel so many, but now you can enjoy your beautiful blanket much more. I love it so much, your colours look amazing! ♥Barbina

  9. You would never have been happy if you didn't re-do them and now you can be smug knowing they are all perfect!

  10. Oh dear! That must have been rather frustrating! Glad you managed to fix it though. Its looking good! And the sweets look amazing!

  11. oh no thats so frustrating having to redo all 12, well done on getting it done though, I think I might of chucked it in for the week. The blanket is looking amazing all those colours just pop. xx

  12. Nothing worse than having to frog all your work. Blanket is looking lovely

  13. Oh no, that really bites! Hmmm must be the cookies made me say that I want to have a bite of one of those grannies!!!!

  14. How frustrating but you must feel so much better having fixed the rounds. The hexagons are looking stunning :)

  15. You'll feel so much better for putting it right especially as this blankets a keeper! It's look really lovely :-)

  16. Is it just me... I love pulling work out... I know it hurts, but you can take your frustration out on those naughty stitches and it is a bit healing too, and then you get back to where you were in the first place and everything is perfect...ok, maybe it IS just me :)x

  17. Your hexis are beautiful! I know it's awful to have to rip out work but you feel so much better when it's put right. Have a good week, and hope you find your yarn, Judy x


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