Sunday, 30 October 2011


With halloween fast approaching, this weekend the house has been decorated by the children!! We seem to be breeding pumpkins....

And have them in small, medium and large. 

My front room has been taken over by spiders!

and my tastefully decorated fireplace has been given a skeletal looks.

The boys love halloween, and have enjoyed creating this so much. I did manage to get my own way with the front door.                  

Half term has flown for us and I have found that we really didn't do very much but the boys enjoyed having no real plans. We saw some friends and just generally chilled but we did get to decorate some cookies and this afternoon after a massive forest walk we will be carving those pumpkins. 

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  1. Your house looks great, very spooky, I use to love decorating our house when my girls were kids. Mmm, the gingerbread look good. Happy Halloween !!!!!


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