Tuesday, 22 November 2011

One.... every other day

This week it has gone Christmas craft crazy in our house, and my hexagon blanket has been sorely neglected :-( I received my new wool and was able to finish off the loose ends from last week and complete 3 hexagons this week. I have got 6 started, but that is where they have stayed!

Please ignore the awful photo, the light is dreadful today!

I fear I may have set myself too much of a mammoth task, to make as much homemake christmas pressies as possible.

My blanket is having to share my time with..........

a scarf I'm starting for my mum with this gorgeous Rooster almerino aran and my cross stitch for my christmas cushion. I have also got another NOEL on the go... HELP!!!

And (as if I'm not about to be buried under the list!!!) as some of you may have seen I also went to a sock knitting class on Saturday and was amazed by what I learnt. We made a mini chunky sock in class and then was sent home with the wool to make a full size one and are is my efforts!!

They are very chunky but this means that you get a sock very quickly and get to practice the pattern without forgetting what you've learnt. It was great fun and I really enjoyed learning a new skill. 
So it will be chunky socks all round this year!!

I hope the other One a Dayer's have had a good week and you really should have a look here to see all the wonderful progress. 


  1. Sometimes we just have to prioritise. I've put my blanket away until after Christmas as well. Those socks are gorgeous, I'ma bit envious as I'd love to knit socks. A project for the New Year me thinks.

  2. Hi!
    Your Hexagon is beautiful. Love that Chunky Sock, it's so cute. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  3. Yep... Christmas pressies must take priority... but your blanket will be there waiting patiently for you in the new year... :)

  4. I only made 6 this week too,oh well life goes on hehe. Your blanket is still looking wonderful. Soo many christmas projects I haven't started any yet but have a lot of ideas in mind but I also have a baby shower on the 11th of December I fear no one will be getting handmade this year, I so wish they were though, just too much crochet too little time. xx Goodluck with all your projects can't wait to see them all finished. xx

  5. I think the only reason I am sane is because I haven't actually written down all I've signed up for.....denial all the way I reckon!

    I reckon it is only reasonable than non essential stuff goes to one side at this time of year.

    Love you sock knitting, clever you.....can you make some giant stockings in chunky wool for pressies? Your cross stitch is looking good too!

  6. Wow, pretty blanket. Ilove all our other projects too.

  7. I'm struggling to juggle christmas presents with the one a day and all the other WIP's as well. I think everyone is. I love your hexagons and your other projects :)

  8. Fab socks! I think we're all juggling with Christmas and One a Day this week, Judy x


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