Wednesday, 10 September 2014

CatNap Washi Tunic makes 4!

I love butterflies, I love fabric I love sewing, I LOVE bias binding and I think it's very safe to say I love, love, love the Washi Dress pattern…..
But  after 3 dresses and with OWOP coming up I knew I needed an option for a chilly day, so it was time for me to shorten my well used pattern and make the Tunic.
And I'm so pleased I did!
I kind of knew what style of fabric I wanted to make it from, so armed with my Paypal account I went online Fabric shopping, but decided to stick within the Sale fabric.
Luckily enough M is for Make had put this pretty Catnap fabric in the sale and with only 2 metres being needed I've got a top and a bit of left over fabric for £20!
I added piping again, making my own from some 2mm blind cord, the yummy yellow bias binding from Frumble and my zipper foot.
I was so chuffed when I'd finished it and still need to pinch myself that I made it!
I ordered the fabric on the Wednesday, it arrived Thursday and was washed, pressed and cut by the evening, then made on Friday and worn on Saturday to work!!  Not bad going! As Friday was Rose's first full day at nursery I felt like it was a bit of a distraction and treat for me to spend it making myself something.
I than let a 12 year old and my husband loose with the camera to get a shot of me in it…… I think they need some photographic guidance.
After about 20 photos that was the only decent one. 
Anyway, it's day 5 of OWOP and I'm doing ok, tomorrow I'll need to repeat an outfit and the mums at school must be wondering if I've lost all my clothes, but I don't care, I''m enjoying wearing handmade. 
Although I think I might have made my last Washi for a while….unless I buy the expansion pack, I do like the look of that bow neck and that collar….. 


  1. Another fab washi Jo! So nice when you find a patten you love. I
    Must make another!

  2. so cute - I love that pale blue colour :-)

  3. Another lovely tunic :) Whilst perusing Lady Sew & Sew (in the shop) I noticed they had this fabric for £6 a metre, but I don't think it's on their website. If you need more, just let me know!

  4. it's gorgeous! Perfect fabric


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