Monday, 15 September 2014

Color Affection Shawl

There has been a lot of knitting about here, but not much sewing since the children have gone back to school. We have all been trying to get into new routines and I am doing a lot more work from home and an extra day, which has meant that sewing has been neglected. But, I've been knitting away at my Color Affection Shawl.

I started this the day I went off to Fat Quarterly Retreat, on the train and then didn't pick it up again until we were off on holiday.
I managed to get quite a bit done on the plane, after a call out on IG if anyone had tried to take circular needles on an aeroplane recently, I was told by 3 people yes and then printed off British Airways policy (they say YES).
Knitting, wine and pretzels! 
I even met a fellow knitter at the baggage X-ray, as my bag was stopped because of the needles and I was told I couldn't take them on, but armed with my printout I sent him off to query it with a manager and she came back saying yes of course I could take them on and could she see what I was knitting as she loved to knit!!!
I kept knitting away at it since we got back and finished it last week and it has been very much in use around my neck these last few cooler days.
I used a shawl pack from Cuddlebums Yarn, which I bought from their Facebook page, the yarn is lovely and soft and was lovely to knit with.
I don't know if I've done something wrong, but my shawl is a lot smaller than is should be and I've loads of yarn left over, but I'm not frogging it and starting again!!
I used Soak for the first time to wash and block it, as I was given a sachet in out FQR goodie bags and it was really nice to use, especially as you don't have to keep rinsing all of the soap out like I normally have to with a wool wash liquid. 
I liked knitting this pattern, although there is a LOT of knit stitching, but it was great for not having to concentrate and just being able to knit in company or in front of the tv. 
I've already cast-on my next project, but this time I've gone for a nice chunky wool and a lace pattern, which is knitting up so much faster than the last two projects in 4ply! 
I've been keeping my Ravelry page more updated recently and trying to stick with picking a project off my favourites list, as theres enough on there to keep my fingers entertained for years to come!
Oh, and did you spot the photo bomber! If I'd have asked him to pose he would have laughed at me. 


  1. It's gorgeous!! I've no idea why your shawl ended up much smaller (the only thing I can think of is that the gauge was wrong or you were somehow working with the wrong number of stitches) but it doesn't matter if you love it! Gorgeous colours and it sounds like you've got enough left over to make a mini shawl (or a shawlette, as they seem to be called in my LYS). I can't wait to see what you're currently knitting...

  2. It is absolutely lovely! Makes me wish I could knit ...

  3. A stunning scarf/shawl, Joanne, and I love the photo with your son. I like the pattern as it is so modern. I'll have a look on your Ravelry page for the link as I might give it a go too.

  4. This is lovely Jo - I've not touched knitting for nearly a year now since making the Eiffel Tour shawl and having a similar issue of size vs yarn being left over (and mine was waaaaay smaller than it should have been), i think I have tension issues!!!!! Feeling the need to knit some cowls or fingerless mittens at the moment though!!!!

  5. I thought the point of learning the timer was to take pics when the photo bombers were at school ;o)

  6. I love your shawl! I just finished my first one (I'm saminar on ravelry) and I'm hooked! Well, it was knitted but I crochet too. LOL! I think I want to make yours too now.

  7. Beautiful shawl! I see that you get photo bombed too! :) Congratulations on 3 years of blogging. Where has that time gone?! I can't quite believe that I have been blogging since 2008! Happy Blogiversary. Best wishes, Pj x


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