Saturday, 13 September 2014

OWOP 2014 - I did it!

One Week One Pattern is over and I have managed to complete it, by wearing something Washi for the seven days!
So, here's my last 7 days outfits.?]
I have loved the challenge of finding cardi's that go with them and trying to make them look a little different, so the mums on the school run don't think that I lost my case on the way back from holiday.
I have learnt that:
● I really can stick to a capsule wardrobe, but that I need more tunic tops so I can wear jeans, which are my staple item of clothing. Although, I have felt a lot better dresses over the last week and on Thursday I had three people (not my friends, children or husband and they were NOT bribed!) tell me how lovely I looked all before 9am, so I dread to think the state I must turn up to the school in normally!!
● I can now use the timer on my new camera, as I couldn't keep waiting for someone to be home to get a pic. 
● I must remember where I store winter things away in the spring as the last two days I have been a little chilly, as I couldn't find my tights bag on Thursday!
● My autumn/winter wardrobe is empty of anything handmade, other than lots of scarfs and shawls.
● That I need to buy the Washi Expansion pack to make some different looking Washi's.
● That I really don't like wearing the same thing twice in one week!!!!

Looking through all the #OWOP on Instagram and twitter has really made me want the The Emery Dress pattern, I know I am a little late to this pattern, but I think that might be my next one to tackle and conquer!

Thanks to Handmade Jane for setting the challenge this year and running some brilliant giveaways, I've loved wearing handmade for the last 7 days, I wonder if I'll have a better handmade wardrobe for next year! 


  1. Loving all your Washis!!! You do look fab. I still think about your pink Anna Marie Horner match up once in a while, such precision I tell you... lol I've just made a Washi in skull print so can't wait to figure my timer out on the camera as well. :) XX

  2. Loving your owop week...I had planned for Autumn weather and got sunshine...(not complaining) but it messed with mu owop plans!
    will be taking a peek at this pattern for next summer...Its fab on you!
    joining along with your blog too!
    bestest daisy j xx

  3. I love your week of Washi dresses and I'm so glad you enjoyed the challenge. t'm glad you included tunic versions too - you can achieve some very different looks with them. x
    ps. I think you should give the Emery pattern a go, it would really suit you! x

  4. Well haven't you looked fabulous all week?!


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