Sunday, 28 September 2014

Minnie Mouse made it to the ball…..

Well the fancy dress party!!
It may not have been completely finished (lining unhand sewed and loose threads aplenty!), but it made it out the door and through the night, so it was a winner to me.
And someone asked me where I bought my dress from, although they could have been asking to avoid the outfit!!!!!
I used The Emery Dress pattern and 4 metres of cotton polka dots fabric from my belt was a black patient belt from M&S.
I made the size 18 because of my waist measurements and the fact that I wanted room as it's quite a fitted dress. But it was MASSIVE, I had to chop an inch off each of the back centre seams and take in the side seams too. I think next time I will definitely make 16, if not the 14 for the amount I chopped off!
I know I look deranged!!! I'm not really, this was just a 12 year old with a camera!!!!
I made View B without the collar and then shortened the sleeves to elbow length. I was petrified of the invisible zipper, but it was actually a breeze to fit.
This dress is seriously a comfortable dress to wear and be seen in, also it has POCKETS!! A dress with pockets is a god send and I think an invaluable day dress as they can hold so much. 
So, I will make this dress again……..YES (I'm already searching for fabric online) and I know this will be a well used pattern for all season dresses, I just need a few more hours in the day for sewing and a good fabric for my next Emery Dress!

So this is my completely Selfish Sewing Week make, the fabric arrived on Tuesday and with a lot of sewing I was wearing it by the Saturday, with everything else ignored and still sitting there waiting to be tackled!!

Selfish Sewing Week: Fall 2014 || imagine gnats

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  1. What a lovely Minnie Mouse you make! Love that dress!

  2. You did a great job with the alterations, and I love how the dress turned out. Really like the length of the sleeves. Looks wonderful on you. Good job! (

  3. The dress looks great! Love the polka dot print.

  4. You get full marks for effort! The dress looks great and very cool that you can wear it again. I recently went to an 'R' party. Fancy dress is great when you don't have kids. I almost want to kill people who have them, but I always have to concede they are a lot of fun! (I went as Rizzo from Grease, btw.) X

  5. That's fancy dress parties, not kids ;)

  6. it looks so cute, and lots of fun :-)

  7. Excellent job! Now you just need to find somewhere that needs you to regularly turn up looking like Minnie ;o)

  8. Super fancy dress costume that you can wear again. The ears and bow are adorable. Cute Minnie!

  9. Love your dress! You make a very cute Minnie Mouse! Best wishes, Pj x


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