Friday, 21 February 2014

And we're off…...

It's half term here this week and the weather is doing is usual British thing of making you think it's a nice day and letting you go out, only to throw an enormous storm above the park!
So, as well as playing weather roulette we have been keeping on top of lots of homework and building massive train tracks across the kitchen! But, sewing has been rather absent, until last night. I decided to get the first two blocks from the Sew Kitschy BoM by Kristy off the starting blocks!
Oven Mitts was Januarys block.
And February's block is Cookie Jar.
I've pulled a small pile of fabrics to keep a theme through the blocks again like last year, but I'm hoping to use lots of scraps in there too!!
I can't wait to see which block will be for March!

Paper Piecing Party


  1. I have the patterns, just haven't gotten round to the blocks yet, great work on these!

  2. Love the policyholder fabric. Smashing blocks!

  3. Well done for getting some sewing time in there, and I suppose train tracks are marginally better to step on than lego in the meantime...

  4. Superb blocks, well done in getting 2 done in an evening. I've opted out of this BOM in my attempt to focus on what I want/need to do rather than stuff I committed to in a crazy moment (not that anyone makes me do any of it but I have a conscience about these things!).

  5. I love your selection of prints


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