Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Woodland Sampler ✓

I measured twice, ordered once and it worked!
My customised frame is here and the Woodland Sampler FITS!!!!!
I really love the finish and I think it looks perfect up on the wall.
I got a quote locally for framing and it was eye wateringly expensive and I'd rather spend the money on other stuff. So a search of the internet bought up a UK based company Picture Frames Express that made custom frames, reasonably!  
I went with a very safe white frame and soft white mount, as it is tricky to pick without the moulding samples to compare, but I think it suits it and with delivery it came to just over £35 which was half the cost of the local framers!!  
This is not it's finally resting place, I need to encourage the man of the house to put some nails in the wall. But it is certainly nice to see it finished and on display. 
And thats another thing off the 2014 FAL Q1 list!!! 
I'm 3 down, 3 to go! 

Finish Along 2014


  1. So cute! Glad it worked though, must have been quite stressful!

  2. The local one wanted how much?! Eek! My local one is positively bargain basement compared to that!

  3. Love your woodland stitchery and what a great framing job. I love "woodland" anything and have been eyeing the Mollie Makes woodland friends book too. I loved "woodland" before it was "in". LOL! BTW, I WISH I only had 6 unfinished projects....3 now. I need to join this it too late? I keep starting more too...especially when I visit blogs and see all the beautiful things that they make and then I want to make that too!

  4. It's wonderful Joanne I am glad that it all worked out so well.

  5. It looks fab, and great that you managed to save yourself so much money! I'm sure it will be pride of place once it's up. :o)

  6. It looks amazing - nearly enough to get me cross-stitching!! Well done on getting your goals finished too :-)

  7. The frame is perfect! You are doing great with your Q1 goals.


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