Monday, 17 February 2014

Velcro is King!!

And snaps are crap!!!
That just about sums up my thoughts on fastenings, I came to that conclusion all by myself after spending a fair bit of time and money on snaps that won't attach………….

Anywoo, I am meeting up with some lovely old school friends today (and I am child FREE!!) and  one for them just had a gorgeous little boy (who I can't wait to snuggle) that I made the Special Delivery Quilt for. As this is the first time of seeing him and I really wanted to make another little present for him. I decided on dribble bibs.
I bought some bamboo/cotton towelling and dug out some cute boyish fabrics and after an IG vote, I pre-washed all the fabric and got making. They were a doddle to make.
I had pinned a few tutorials and used their measurements as I don't have a baby to hand to measure their necks.
I thought I might be banned from toddler group if I started measuring baby's necks…..
And then came the closure part.
TWICE, I tried to get these to work! And twice I failed, so with our meet up getting closer and the Prym Pliers being very elusive to buy near me, I have resulted to the King of Closures VELCRO! 
And it worked first time, good old sew in velcro!
Heres my model, Baby Annabelle sporting the two that are ready to be gifted.
The other two I'm holding back until I get the pliers and put the proper snaps on and then can post them off to the gorgeous little pudding. (Also hoping to gauge neck sizing too, with the finished ones!)
Did I mention I'm having a child free few hours to wander around Westfield with my friends…. I think The Husband is worried I might not return!! 


  1. Ah jealous! Enjoy your day out :)

  2. Aagh! How frustrating. I have only managed to put a snap on once and that involved making a hole in the fabric first and then a lot of hammering! If you hear of any good tricks, let me know!

  3. Have a fab day off! I am definitely going to make some of these bibs, I just need to check if I have some velcro, I don't like the look of those snaps and lets face it, velcro is more adjustable. :o)

  4. Enjoy your day! Nothing like few hours without kids, lol.

  5. The bibs look lovely, I have the pliers and they do make attaching the snaps very straightforward.

  6. Hope you enjoyed your 'your child' free day!

  7. Baby Annabelle looks very pleased with her bibs! Hope you had a wonderful day with your friends!

  8. Lovely recent makes. Hope you enjoyed your child free day. :) Best wishes, Pj x

  9. Hope you enjoyed your child free day (aren't they just the best?). One note on the velcro - I had to throw out all my velcro fastening bibs as they were ruining other clothes in the wash :-( Pretty bibs though x


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