Monday, 10 February 2014

Birthday Cushions ✓

After the mammoth sewing of those Economy Blocks, I felt I wanted a quick and easy finish for over the weekend! So I went for the easiest thing on my FAL list!

These two fellas needed quilting and then turning into cushions, without hardly any trimming in sight.
First up
This is truly a paper pieced pattern, I drafted the pattern for Finn on squared paper, then traced it, copied it and chopped it up for piecing. The children have told me it looks like it should, so that is a win in my mind!!!
And then his friend.

I must say he doesn't look very happy!
This paper pieced pattern is by Clare of Beeknee Hoonies and I found it on Fandom in Stitches.
I used lots of Kona solids making these, especially white, peacock, blue and sprout (I love that there is a Kona green called sprout!), with a bit of Sherbet Pips for the snowy sky backing. All of those came from my Simply Solid Stash Club and the massive hoard of peacock I seem to have accumulated, so this is definitely a stash busting project!
The backing I did buy and is Super Hero Words fabric by Minds Eye for Riley Blake, with more Kona Peacock (I think I must have ordered 10 metres instead of 1!?!).
They both have envelope backs and have finished at 16" which I think is good size.
I decided to machine bind them as they are for a boys 12th birthday and 12 year olds are not known for being gentle. But in the interest of honest sewing, machine binding was NOT easy for me! The seam ripper and I spent a fair bit of time removing the first few attempts and I had to admit that it wasn't going to be as neat as I wanted! 
And there might be a corner or two missed, but it's staying like that, as there was a few good corners too. 
And I am really pleased with how the stitches are fairly hidden on the front. 
Although I can't say I'll be rushing to machine bind a whole quilt…..
So that is my second finish from my Q1 list (and a present done a few days early),  just four more finishes to get done. 

Finish Along 2014


  1. What wonderful presents and two ticks on your FAL list, to boot! Well done!

  2. Machine binding is so tricky! Glue basting helps (broken record, me?) But I'm never as pleased with the finish as when I hand finish. These look fab though!

  3. Really? I would have to be confined to bed or the sofa for a month before I would consider not machine binding lol Love these guys :o)

  4. Brilliant cushions! They are sure to be a hit :)

  5. These both look fab, great finishes, and I agree on the machine binding, it's pretty tricky, i'd do it by hand every time!

  6. Congrats on great finish. They both look like super fun cushions. Well done.

  7. i saw your photo of finn and the ice king on fandom in stitches, i just wanted to tell you that they are awesome...!

  8. Fab cushions! I really love hand stitching binding on but it does take time and I agree maybe not the best idea for twelve year old boys! I've only ever machine bound one quilt and although it added an extra half hour I hand tacked the binding down before stitching with machine - I was very happy with my corners as a result :-)


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