Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tuesday's Tallies

After being short last week on my daily hexagons tally,  I have been able to get back on track this week and have managed to complete 14 hexagons. The yarn I needed arrived but was still missing a colour, (which is still to follow) so there is not much raffia in the mix this week.
So this weeks total is 182 hexagons.

I have concentrated this weeks squares onto the side and have now caught up, so I have a straight bottom with 14 hexagons across.

I'm happy with the width for now, I think with a good border it will cover the duvet just right.
So I can just keep adding to the bottom and hopefully I'm only a few weeks from starting the border!!

I truly believe that without the One a Day updates I would still be sitting there with these........

The support and comments from people has been wonderful and I sure to some it may be slightly repetitive to see the same blanket growing so slowly each week. But it has given me the motivation to want it finished and in use. By only making one or two a day has enabled me to do other projects at the same time so I haven't got too bored of hexagons!!
I'm off to see all the other One a Day projects which you can see at Gingerbread Girls, but I'll be back tomorrow with my Monthly Make for February (If I can finish it this afternoon!!).


  1. I have an award for you over on my blog. http://lazydaisycrochet.blogspot.com/2012/02/another-award.html

  2. It really is great support to have the one a day group isn't it. I know i'd still have my blanket in the box if it wasn't for the comments and encouragement.
    I started a granny stripe blanket but i'm going to do the hexagons after. I just love your blanket and I want to get some new yarn to have bright colours like yours so thats why i'm stalling a bit on it. Your blanket looks stunning on the bed. What do you think you'll do for the border.
    Oh and the All Sewn up book really is a treat, fingers crossed someone gets it for you for mothers day. My amazon list is a bit lengthy too, maybe we'll win the lotto sometime and be able to buy them all :)

  3. My reaction: Wow!
    I agree; blogging about one's One-a-Day project every Tuesday really gives one an incentive to finish. It's like having a reasonable, daily goal for the project altho I tend to sometimes do it last minute.


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