Tuesday, 14 February 2012

It's Tuesday....

and that can only mean one thing. Tallies of my One a Day hexagons.
It's been a week that has been very busy and full, but I honestly can't tell you what with!!
It's just me, been busy doing nothing.....
I have got 14 hexagons made and joined this week and that brings me to the grand total of 161! 

I think it was the right choice to add on to the side, as it will fit perfectly after I've added a border. Still a fair way to go, but I'm getting there.
It really is getting quite heavy now, and I daren't work out how many balls of Handknit I've used or going to need. I keep buying balls when I see them, especially the yellow which is now discontinued!! Thank goodness for ebay.

I am still as much in love with this project as when I started, and it still makes me smile when I sit under it adding to it. The colours are just so cheerful, it can always put me in a good mood.

As it's half term I hope to have some time this afternoon to catch up with the other One a Dayers, to see their progress. Please pop over to Carole at Gingerbread Girls to see everyones. 
Oh, and Happy Valentines Day xxx 


  1. This is going to be a gorgeous blanket ~ the colours are great :O)

  2. I do love to see blanket actually on the bed...as if they are growing specifically in that place as a perfect fit! Amazing progress Joanne...absolutely ggee-oooor---geous! :)x

    1. I completely agree. I didn't want to put it there too soon in case the size of the project put me off!!!

  3. Oh it is just so beautiful and you are so close to finishing, I can't believe how big its gotten, each week is making a massive difference. Did you find the hexagons difficult. I'm trying to pick my next project and I love your blanket. I tried a hexagon once before and it didn't work out so well, I've had the fear of hexagons since.

  4. It's great watching blankets grow, one of the pleasures of life I think, seeing something you are making grow. This looks beautiful and colourful!

  5. your blanket looks amazing on the bed! its coming along really fast now. So so beautiful your blanket will be amazing when its finished

  6. loving all your mirrors & your hexagons crochet blanket looks amazing
    Thanks for sharing

  7. Its looking gorgeous love the colours. dee x

  8. Oh my god that is amazing!
    As a very new crocheter I am completely in awe!

  9. I am going to steal that blanket in your sleep, wanties!!!! Totally in love with it.

  10. Its getting so BIG... I love it- so gorgeous!!!!

  11. This is beautiful. I love the soft colours, you have choosed. Such an eye candy :)


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