Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Tuesday's Tallies

It's Tuesday again and time for an update on my one a day. I am on track and got 14 hexagons joined on this week, this makes a grand total of 147 hexagons.

After laying it on the bed last week I realised that I need to add to the width as well as the length. So, I added 11 to the bottom and 3 to the side this week.

We have had lots of snow this weekend and I hope to get some photos posted up later today or tomorrow.
But for now, I'm off to Gingerbread Girls to see all the other One a Day projects.


  1. Good going, it is going to look stunning on your bed when it's finished. Have a good week.xxx

  2. It's growing beautifully, Joanne!!! I just love the blues. Hexagons are on my to do list too.

  3. Your blanket is getting so big now. It's beautiful I look forward to seeing it completed and laid out on the bed.

  4. Wow your blanket is looking gorgeous!
    Judy x

  5. It is looking great, and is looking so big!

  6. Looks big! What on earth are you standing on to take the photo?!

    This is a beautiful blanket, the colours are stunning!


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