Tuesday, 21 February 2012

One a day....just about

This week has been a crazy week and unfortunately my hexagons have been neglected. When I went to try and catch up on Sunday I realised I was supposed to have ordered more cotton so...... there was not enough to make 14 hexagons. (unless I wanted to use 4 colours only, which might look strange at this later stage!!)

I went and bought the only two colours my lys had (red and rose pink) and pulled a yellow from my discontinued stash. But I am still missing at least 8 colours, I will get on and order them today. 

I have managed to make and join 7 hexagons this week and make 6 circles up to their second round! 
This brings me to a grand total of 168

I decided as I had run out of several colours to add these to the side rather than starting a new row. 
It's a bit annoying, because as the blanket is getting bigger you need to add more to see even the smallest difference. 
I'm popping off to see the progress of the other One a Dayer, please do have a look at the wonderful projects being worked on here. 


  1. Like I said last week, I WILL steel it! How many more do you need?

  2. Hi Joanne! 168 hexagons is amazing! Looooove your blanket! I hope you will get your new yarn very soon!
    Lots of love! Barbina

  3. 168? Wow! The blanket is looking amazing! I can't wait to start my new one-a-day project but trying to finish my long list of gift making first. :-)

  4. I just love your colour choices, they work perfectly together.xxx

  5. Just so colourful, and 168 is fantastic!
    Waiting for yarn - it's so hard, isn't it? But my Deramores pack arrived this morning so I can carry on now!
    And btw I love your quilting - my next to-do.
    Love Judy xx


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