Thursday, 13 October 2011

Pots and more.

I love to get presents, especially when it's not expected. Now I'm not talking really expensive ones,  just something you love and that you know the person has thought about.
Yesterday my Mum popped over of a quick tea and chat and said she was bring me a bag of pots from my Godmother. Now I always need pots for the garden so was looking forward to these but when she arrived there was some thing extra.

oh, this looks good!

Out it came....

Oh wow, a magazine rack and it looks perfect. 

My Godmother is a great bargain hunter and will check any charity shop or car boot sale for a hidden gem and I love that she though of my home when she saw it. With 3 children to take along I don't get to spend much time looking for hidden gems as I'd like. And although she won't tell me how much it was I know that it won't be much and that makes me love it even more. 

Especially when it holding my favorite magazines (Mollie Makes). My husband is constantly telling I have magazines everywhere, so hopefully this will solve that!!

Oh and the pots, they are need to give this a bit of a makeover

It has been sorely neglected this summer so a trip to the garden centre is in order to fill these

Just hope the weather stays dry enough to get out there. 

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  1. Love the magazine rack I could do with one just like it, you are very lucky!!


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