Tuesday, 11 October 2011

One A Day..... wk 2

Wow what a week, feel like I've not had time to sit down in the last 7 days.

Thank you so much for all your comments and support last week about joining in with the One a Day, you really made me feel welcome.

As I said last week I was quite worried about starting to join them together. I was planning on using Lucy's join as you go method and you said it was easy, so I have given it a go and here is my progress this week...

I really love how it is starting to look, and although the colours do look great together I felt there was too much blue and green, so popped out today and bought this

I do love pinks and purples and think that this will mix in quite well and balance out the others.

Please go over to Gingerbread Girl's Blog here and see all the other wonderful One A Day's .


  1. Hi!
    Beautiful work! Love all those colors. The new yarn is very pretty. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  2. It is looking so pretty, how sensible to join as you go, it will feel so good when you finish the last hexagon and that is that.

  3. Its looking beautiful, I think the pink will work really well!

  4. It's already looking absolutely gorgeous and I love the join as you go method, I think it looks really nice that way! :)

  5. Well done on joining as you go, you obviously found it easy! All your colours are lovely and the new pink. Good choices, are they all rowan cotton?

  6. Well done on your joining, you obviously found it easy!

    All your colours are pretty, and your new pink too. I like pink, so much so that my youngest boy(3) seems to have taken a liking to it too!

  7. Sorry, not losing my marbles just blogger makes me want to look like I am!

  8. Gorgeous and the purple addition will look fab.xxx

  9. it's absolutely gorgeous all those colours are wonderful and I love the new colour too. How are you finding the joining as you go, it's little tricky for the first one but once you get rhythm it's pretty easy I think. Can't wait to see more. See you next week x

  10. It's looking fab! I'm seeing all these lovely crochet projects today and really wishing I had something wonderful on the go too!


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