Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Tuesday Tallies Wk.4.....

and a day late!

I hate being late, but half term has slowed me down and filled in all the time I normally have when my boys are at school. So apologies for this day late post.
Here is my progress on my Hexagon blanket.

I have completed 5 row and that adds up to 60 hexagons, I can't believe it 60 colourful hexagons. The graph is still going strong and keeping me from repeats and keeping my husband amused by my way of randomness!

I enlisted Son No.1 to hold it so I could see it fully. I really love it. I think I am about a quarter of the way through as I would like it to be a fair size.

Thanks so much for all the fantastic comments left last week. I have to say that there are some truly gorgeous creations by the other One A Dayers and to see them just click here.


  1. Your hexagons are lovely and the colour combinations are perfect in their randomness!

    I know what you mean that the hols make everything go a little pear-shaped but I'm glad to have no ties and no school run which takes so much time out of my day.

    Enjoy the rest of the hols!

  2. That is one goooorgeous work in progress! It makes me want to start yet another blanket... must resist temptation... but it's on my list.

  3. This is beautiful already.

    In answer to your question, the yarn I've used for my mini squares is lovely to use. A little splitty but bearable! It's very soft and not itchy at all.

  4. Ooooh that is so beautiful, I absolutely love the colours.

  5. Soo beautiful! And your colour choice is perfect!
    Have a wonderful week! Barbina

  6. It's beautiful. It's going to look fantastic when it's finished. I'm making a random granny square blanket at the moment, but I'm generating my randomness by picking the colours out of a bag with my eyes closed, I don't get much more technical than that.

  7. Absolutely beautiful, Judy x

  8. Gorgeous, love your colour choice. Have a good

  9. Your hexagons are so pretty. Love the colors. I also wanted to thank you for your comments on my blog. I am a new blogger and it is so nice to hear from people.


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