Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Wurm Hat ✓

I haven't been near nor by my sewing machine for what feels like ages, (in reality it is just 2 weeks) but I have been knitting like a mad woman. Lots of appointments and getting back into the children clubs have meant that I have need portable pick-up and go projects.

So I have two knitting finishes to share this week and the first is my Wurm Hat. This was put onto my FAL Q1 List as the Lake District Hat, but after restarting it twice I felt I needed a simpler pattern. Every time I knitted the first row of the pattern, I ended up with the wrong number of stitches and I know I want to push myself as a knitter, but I do want to enjoy knitting too.......so the third attempt at cast-on was for the Wurm.
This knit was so so easy peasy and it's a free pattern!
One skein and a bit of Drops Alpaca Yarn in 6834 Blue Turquoise and I have the warmest, cosiest and best hat I've owned. I bought the yarn from Hannah when she was de-stashing on IG and still have a two and a bit balls left for a shawl or scarf.
The yarn is not so easy to photography and you really can't see how pretty the flecks of pink and turquoise are in that almost petrol blue base.
I did want to add a pompom, as every good hat needs a pompom, but I need to get to HobbyCraft to get one and I totally have not had a spare minute to get to my local one, so it will be added at some point, but for now I'm a very happy and warm dog walker with it as it is!!
My second knitted finish can be spotted in this shot too, this was this morning in the forest having a play with my camera settings for Katy's Camera Challenges.
I'm also really trying to keep up with my Ravelry Page, if your on there let me know as I love seeing peoples favourites and queues, not that I need any encouragement to add to my own ones!!!! 


  1. OK, I have known about this pattern for quite a while and wondered about knitting it. Now I see how lovely it turns out. It is going to be the next hat I knit.

  2. Hi Joanne, What a great hat pattern. I've just knit my first ever hat and looking for another. I'm on Ravelry as CathP53 or you can find a button link on my blog post at ditsygranquilts.blogspot.co.uk
    I've been concentrating on knitting too this month but actually managed a quilted pillow too. I'll be following the links to the Camera Challenges although I'm not taking a photo of me in my hat. I think beanies must look best when you have long hair. You look great!

  3. Beautiful hat and it suits you too!

  4. Great makes and great photo for the challenge too :)

  5. Gorgeous hat, gorgeous shawl, gorgeous you!

  6. Lovely! And it does look nice and warm with all that snow around.

  7. See it's the whole counting nightmare that puts me off even trying to knit with non-wool yarn! The resultant effort looks great though, and looks like the challenge photo came out well too :o)


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