Friday, 13 February 2015

I'm a lucky lucky duck!

Everyone loves a giveaway, right? We link-up blog posts, comment on posts, make things to a theme or fabric and generally jump through hoops, as we all love to be in it to win it!
Well a few weeks ago I commented on a blogiversary post and congratulated the blogger on 7 years of  blogging, 7 years is a long time to narrate and share on a blog and I definitely think that is something to celebrate!!
Anyhoo, it turns out I was the winner of that giveaway and this week my prize popped through the post. Not just any prize but the most beautifully handmade mittens from Pj of The Snail Garden.

And she wrapped them in a lovely Moda fq, with hand cream (which smells delicious!) and some yummy chocolate that my husband said 'you have the other stuff, I'm having the chocolate!' There might be a fight over sharing it!
The mittens are beautiful on and fit perfectly, I can't wait to wear them out. 
I think handmade giveaways are the best kind, thank you so so much Pj xx


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