Thursday, 26 February 2015

Butterfly Emery Dress ✓

Blogging and sewing has been very slow around here recently, but oh yes, I have another finish off my Q1 2015 FAL List!!
My Butterfly Emery Dress is done and very much in use!
This has sat chopped out for about errrr, 18 weeks (that is disgraceful!!) according to the picture I put on Instagram.
I finally got myself together last week and using my lovely (if a little verbally abused) overlocker I got it sewn up in a child free day and then hand stitched and hemmed it with a little hinderance help from my husband and children!!
I think mentally I was putting this off because of the task I set myself matching the butterflies down the zip. Kerry gave me some brilliant tips when we had a class together at The Village Haberdashery, measuring and marking at short intervals on both the fabric and zip and basting it in first rather then unpicking tiny stitches if it was off. And it was a few times! The unpicked and I spent many minutes swearing at my stupid fabric picking skills, but.....
I'm so bloody pleased with the effort it took, (the back and neck may look wonky but that is actually my own back and shoulders as I have Scoliosis and this photo has just shown me that I need to straighten up!!!) I think it really makes the dress look less handmade.
Now, the fit is still not right, I shortened the bodice at the appropriate line by an inch, but the shoulders, above the bust and top back was still to big for me. I had to take another inch and a bit off the top of the shoulders and an inch off the sides of the bodice. I made the size 16 which is my waist measurements, but unless anyone tells me this is a bad idea, next time I might make the size 14 and then slightly grade the waist to the 16. Would this work dressmakers? As I love the dress and the style, but that baggy top is really bugging me.

The details 

I've worn it twice since I finished it and I loved it on.
Even my little helper liked it, now to pick out some fabric for the next one! 
I have got another finish to share, but I need my tall husband home in daylight to get some pictures, maybe over the weekend. 


  1. It looks fantastic Joanne! Your pattern matching looks perfect and you look gorgeous in it. You should be very pleased :-) PS your helper is very cute!

  2. wow - that pattern matching is amazing! This looks gorgeous on you - a great style :-)

  3. It looks stunning! I so wish I had the courage to make one!

  4. This dress looks fabulous on you and the pattern matching is outrageously accurate!! You would have Patrick in a flutter with that zip insertion! Well done x

  5. What a beautiful dress and what a wonderful job you did. Gorgeous!

  6. It's fab Joanne and those butterflies are perfect!

  7. This dress is lovely and looks so great on you. Your work on the matching around the zipper is perfection!


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