Wednesday, 9 July 2014

WIP Wednesday!

Well, it's Wednesday and there is definitely work in progress going on here! Although it is of the flitting from one project to the other kind of sewing! I need to learn to tackle one job until it finished, but theres no fun it that is there!!
First up, I spent a large chunk of yesterday prepping all the components for my Molly Market Tote bag.

It was a lot of cutting and a mountain of interfacing to chop and fix! It's lucky I like ironing fabric more than I do clothing!
But I'm all ready to get this together hopefully before next week, although with all the end of term activities, I'm not too sure!

I've also been Washi Dress sewing.
I need to get this hemmed, although I am tempted to wear it out as it is!!

And lastly I may have ordered a bit of this Alexander Henry Tattoo fabric to add to my wardrobe. 
Tattoo Natural
I've been hankering after this print for a while and was thinking maybe an Everyday Skirt or the GBSB Pencil skirt in it? What do you think? 
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. I LOVE that Echino bird print - makes me want to go hunting for some.

  2. Your fabrics choices are stunning! I love your taste and I want some of that bird fabric too and maybe a market bag! Loving yours!

  3. Concentrating on one project at a time is no fun, flit away! Looking forward to seeing the bag finished x

  4. Oh I hear you. I have quite a few things on the go :-) I like your fabric choice for tote and dress.

  5. Even as a bag maker and pattern designer, I still wish for a magic fabric cutting and interfacing application fairy to come along!


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