Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Miss Winkle - Take 2

My friend really loved the Miss Winkle Shawlette that I made in the spring. So it's no wonder that with her birthday approaching I used is as a great excuse to order some yummy yarn from Gemini Knits and cast on another Miss Winkle!
This time I ordered Dark Melody, a Merino hand painted sock yarn that I knew would be soft and beautifully dyed, just like the daffodil yarn I have for my shawl.

I cast on back in the beginning of June and slowly worked on it, with other projects stealing my time occasionally!!
It really is an easy knit, that once you get in the rhythm  of the pattern it is an easy project to pick ups and put down.
This shawl has been on late night child collections, kickboxing and to swimming lessons and I know it won't be the last one I make. This time I managed to get 39 Loops from the skein, one more than last time. 
I gave it to my friend last week and she was thrilled (I bloody hope she was or she's a good actor!!) and she said she was wanting one of them after seeing my shawl. but didn't want to ask me to make her one…………..doesn't she know I need all the excuses I can get, to buy yarn/fabric and start new projects!!!!!!


  1. I loved your first one and now this? Gorgeous! I "faved" it and I can't believe that I forgot to put it on my YOP list; (Year of Projects) but there are always things that get added...and subtracted. I love her patterns although I have yet to do one. I want to do her Leftie also. But so far Miss Winkle is my favorite!
    Great job! What's next?

  2. It's soooo gorgeous… Lucky friend!

  3. I just adore the colours in this shawl!!

  4. Lovely color combo. Good job!

  5. I must start looking for some yarn to make another in the autumn. I tried Knitting Goddess last time. I love the warm colours of your latest Miss Winkle.

  6. So pretty. That edging is very unique and fun. You are good knitting friend.

  7. Miss Winkle is gorgeous! Love those colours! Best wishes, Pj x


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