Thursday, 3 July 2014

FAL - Q2 ….the one where it all went wrong!!

Way back in April I drew up my Q2 list and stupidly had grand plans of working my way through the list quite successfully!
Finish Along 2014
So, how did I do…

Baby Girl quilt 

HST Cushion

Blocks called Fred Cushion
Untouched, I'm sensing a theme here and I actually need to find where I put these blocks?!?

May Cushion

DONE, in time for the birthday and the birthday girl loved it, WooHoo! Althouhg the birthday girl's mum is not impressed as there is now talk of a bedroom makeover to match the cushion, Whoops!

Chicopee Swoon
I have made 6 blocks of this, but it is nowhere near finished.

I hang my head in shame, only 1 out of a possible 5 finishes.  Although I have made loads of other things this quarter, so many of these FAL projects were achievable, but I was tempted by the glittery new projects and fabrics….I have an attention span of a newt!
I'm off to give myself a stern talking to and draw up a list for Q3, which will look remarkable like this one.
Thanks to the hostess with the mostess Miss Katy for encouraging us along again this quarter, I think I needed a kick up the arse rather than encouragement!! 


  1. I was just writting my round up and I was feeling not so good but hey, you done even worse. Sorry, lol.

  2. Well, one is better than none!! Next time ...

  3. Had to chuckle when I read that you can't even find the blocks for your cushion, so glad to hear that I am not alone in doing that :) I am sure you will knock out all of these projects in the next Quarter!

  4. The best intentions, maybe you'll get a bit more of these done next quarter, but as you say, it's not like you haven't finished lots, so that's good. Surely that means you wont have those other things to add to the list this quarter, so in fact you're ahead of yourself!

  5. Is that really bad, I am really good at starting things but not really at finishing them especially if I get to a difficult bit. I suppose this is why I don't take part in any FAL it would be too painful!

  6. Well it's not like you've been sitting around with your feet up making bon bons ;o) I could come round for the arse kicking exercise if you make another one of those cakes from the last post though...

  7. At least you finished one thing!!!
    P.S. I can pencil an arse kicking on my calendar if you like - just name the date!!


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