Friday, 11 July 2014

This time next week...

I'll be travelling across London to go to the Fat Quarterly Retreat. I am just a little bit excited, as I had so much fun last year and learnt so many new things and met lots of lovely people!
And those lovely people at Fat Quarterly have done their linkup for people to get to know each other before hand and so here is my spiel…...
If you don't already know, my name is Joanne and I'm a mum of three, two boys aged 12 & 9, one 3 year old girl and the wife to a very long suffering and patience husband. (who's sure we now have enough quilts and cushions in this house!!)
I live in the very furthest East London, bordering onto Essex. I started sewing properly 2½ years ago, when I pinched my my mums sewing machine to make some Christmas cushions. I did do textiles at school, so knew the basics, but school sewing was more of a chore!!
From making those cushions I was hooked and quickly became aware of quilting through the crazy world of blogging and the rest is buried under a quickly developed fabric stash and the countless cushions and quilts I've made since.

The classes I've got are

Paper piecing with Tacha

Screen Printing with Karen
Patterns into Print with Jenny Fox Proverbs
& Quilt Maths with Lynne

Fabulously Fast Tile Quilt with Amy Smart  

Are you in any of those?

I'm signed up to the Name Tag swap (I've sent my partner her one, but haven't got one back yet) and the sample swap.
I am definitely planning on wearing at least one handmade outfit (the Washi Dress above, if I've finished hemming it!!) and I will be clashing that with my Molly Market Tote (if I get it finished!).

I'm quite shy and quiet at first and am excitedly nervous about going this year, even though it's not my first time going solo, I'm a secret sewist/quilter, so most of my friends old and new have no idea just how much I sew and love it!!

I'm staying at the Grange Hotel, yes I have two child free evenings and I'm looking forward to Trash the Social Secretary keeping us busy!!
And after seeing all of the extra activity, I want to do it all…. sewing on the Friday night for Siblings Together, but also I wouldn't mind popping up to The Village Haberdashery's late night shopping  for a bit of sneaky fabric purchasing….. they have Cotton & Steel….. and I really want to find time to get to Shaukat, which I think is fairly close to Retreat?? and breathe….
Too little time too many fun things to fit in…..
Are you going?


  1. Sad not to be seeing you again this year. Have an amazing time. I will be jealously pouring over IG all weekend

  2. Have a fab time Jo! I would have liked to be going but needed a new tooth, which took all (and some) of my budget :( Love your dress!

  3. Oh, how it wish I was going. Next year maybe? (I said that last year)

  4. Have a great time, you should have so much fun!

  5. Totally with you for finding Shaukat - have still never managed to get there!
    Look forward to meeting you at the retreat! I'm also in Tacha's class on the Friday - Cara :)

  6. Hope you have a fab time! Shaukat's about 10 minutes walk away :o)

  7. I'm going and I'm another Joanne! Must have missed meeting you last year (unless you are going to make me feel really stupid by telling me we had a really long chat!), will look out for you this year - love your dress!

  8. I'm going, and looking forward to meeting you!! I'm at the Grange too, and I have the class with Jenny on the Saturday and the tile quilt with Amy on the Sunday too :-)) So it will be cool to hang out, and I'd love a trip to the Village Haberdashery...if there's time! Shaukat is only 10 mins away and worth a visit. Not sure we met last year, but look forward to seeing you this year! Sarah x


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