Monday, 5 August 2013

When you can't find a skirt you like?

And your tired from a full on weekend at FQR and your sister is visiting and you've agreed to a shopping day in Oxford Street, what do you do?
Well if your me, you feel very tired and grumpy that you can't find any skirts you like in your size and sulk head off to the haberdashery department to comfort yourself with fabric! And find that Shelburne Falls is on clearance and declare that you will make one! (it must have been the FQR effect!)
So, I bought a bit and came home happy and then came the search for a skirt pattern.............
I knew that people had said good things of Simplicity 2451 and I'd seen some lovely versions on Flickr, so bought a copy and then waited!
For what I don't know, some time, inspiration, the children to briefly stop bickering (please dear God is it only week 3 of the holidays!!)
I pretended it was for lining inspiration, but I got that at the LQS with a grey solid.
So, with no more excuses I got on and made a skirt.
With bright pink pockets, with fabric from my Simply Solids Stash Club pinks bundle!
With lining, that wasn't in the pattern! Woohoo!
And that I really love!
I was lacking a photographer, as the boys had been held hostage by the Xbox and a 2½ year old with a camera wasn't ideal, I had to take some myself!
In hindsight the toddler would have done better than me and NO, I won't be wearing the top tucked in when I wear it out, but I wanted to see the fit! Which I think is very good, even though I'm definitely having a #fatterthanIthought moment! (I've pinched that hashtag from Moira!)
I messed the zip a bit, but I'm ignoring it, so you can too!
So, the pattern Simplicity 2451, I found it very easy to  follow and gave you lots of option. I went with Skirt D, but made it slightly longer and without the chain!
I did make a muslin to check size and where I would add the lining bit, so it made the final skirt easier and quicker to make.
I would say it took a few hours to get it made and in a wearable state.
I will 100% definitely use this pattern again, in fact I can see my wardrobe being full of these skirts in several colours. I mean, it has pockets.... every skirt needs pockets!
So in total this skirt came to about £16 with fabric, lining, zip and thread. Which I think is pretty good, to get something that fits and that I like. 
I'm already looking for fabric for No.2, hopefully an Echino that will not need lining.........  


  1. Blimey its brilliant!
    I am so longing to make me something to wear but me and patterns really don't see eye to eye.
    Feeling pretty tempted to get this pattern though.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. beautiful and dare I comment on your lovely shapely legs #nocanklesonyou
    I look forward to seeing your echino one

  3. Well done you! A bespoke skirt for £16 that is not bad going :) Haven't been brave enough to try dressmaking, but maybe some day I'll take the plunge.

  4. omg your skirt is AMAZING!!!! it looks so high end and is so "in" at the moment! what a lovely exciting project! xxx

  5. I've come to the conclusion that I just collect dressmaking fabric these days ;o) Well done for tackling yours though!


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