Monday, 12 August 2013

The avoiding the packing drawstring bag!

I have a todo list for holiday and normal family stuff as long as the garden, but instead of tackling it and getting us some travel insurance, I started chopping into some fabrics from my scrap pack that I got from Katy - I'm a ginger monkey. I had been thinking about those animals from Happy Drawings being something for the lady of the house.
I decided that we needed a drawstring bag to carry around the duplo and animals that I normally pop in an IKEA freezer bag!
And I think the toys will appreciate their upgrade!
All of the outside fabric was from the scrap pack and I've still got lots left.
The lining was some left over Makower UK grey solid that I'd used for the lining for my skirt and the bias tape, I had from randomly in my stash!
I followed the pattern by John Adams from Pretty in Patchwork - Holidays for the drawstring gift bag, but just enlarged the size to 14"x15".
I really think I've had my moneys worth from this book!! I just keep going back to it for patterns!
It was a really simple make and I fear everything may now need a drawstring bag........ but first I have to sort out that insurance! 


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