Monday, 26 November 2012

Money Pocket Ta-Dah!

By the skin of my teeth, I managed to get my money pocket finished in time for work on Saturday morning.
Excuse the dodgy photo, but I was running out the door when I realised I hadn't taken a photo and asked The Husband to take one! I was worried if I left it till the end of the day it might have fallen apart! The weather was appalling on Saturday and it didn't stop raining all day, but I definitely felt cheered up wearing this.
This is what I would normally be wearing, so it's a vast improvement.
Photo from The Baggery
The other two ladies that I work with want one now, so I'll have to get busy this week. The only thing is, theres no pattern, as I made it up as I went along. I will have to get the tape measure out and try and work backwards!
The fabrics are Dash Away All by Alexander Henry for the reindeers on the front, red spotty bedcover  from IKEA that I bought and cut up for a quilt back and the green stripe is from last years IKEA Christmas range.
I made the ties extra long so they could do up at the front, as depending on the weather and how many thermals I have on my waist can grow and shrink quite a bit. I used magnet snaps to close the pockets as my brain could think how to put zips in neatly and a spare bit of pom pom trim along the bottom.
Thats one thing of my to do list, but it has ended up adding another two! Argghhh!


  1. You'd better be careful Joanne or every assistant within a 5 mile radius will be looking for one:)

  2. Love the IKEA fabric! If ever I am brave enough to go to IKEA again I must get some. I love their stuff but can't cope with the shopping experience!

  3. Very cute :o) Hope it encouraged people to part with their cash!

  4. Wow your money pouch is sooooo cute

  5. Love it! REALLY love the pillow in your header, and the tea cosie as well. Following you now, found you through our Monthly Make group. ♥♥


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