Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Dress Ta-Dah!

Woohoo! Watch out I'm on a finishing roll......I've finally manage to get my backside into gear the Music Box Jumper dress finished.
After bribing the model I managed to get a good idea of the length it needed to be and was able to hem it and do the buttonholes!!

I went for multi coloured buttons as the Chambray is quite plain and then it will go with all different coloured tops and tights. I forgot how much I hate buttonhole making, when I make it in the corduroy I may even go for poppers as my sad excuse for buttonholes really spoil a lovely dress! 
I know this was meant to be a practise dress but I'm so please that I made it in wearable fabric, so that it can be used, rather than the muslin that I was planning on using. 
So, the pattern was very straight forward and is for beginners. I haven't followed any dressmaking patterns since textiles in school and I still found this so easy to follow. It's got a full glossary for all those technical terms that I never knew and lots of advice can be found on the Oliver + S forum from people who have made the pattern. 
I did have trouble with the yoke lining up with the skirt, My yoke was bigger than the skirt and I didn't realise till the last minute, so I just let out a pleat slightly on either side of the back panels. But that does mean that on the side the seams are not inline, as you can see! 
Next time I will think of this earlier and adjust the pleats on the front a tiny bit each and that should make them join up better. I loved that the pattern asked you to hand sew the inside of the yoke, so the inside looks so neat. 
The pattern gives you sizes from 6months to 4T and I made it in 2T as Rose is 22months. I thought I had shorten it a fair bit, but when I used the buttonhole guide it was the exact length it should have been. 
It fits her wonderfully with some space for growing (which she is doing at a scary rate) and she received many compliments on it when she wore it and I didn't tell anyone I'd made it.
I will definitely be making another dress, once the fabric budget allows! Now, where did I hide my card!!!!


  1. This is lovely Joanne! I especially love the button detail at the back. I know what you mean about pleats - I did a dress for my eldest and it took me ages to get the pleats even. My youngest is a month younger than your little one so I am very tempted by this pattern! Beautiful x

  2. That is absolutely adorable (as is she!) and the multi coloured buttons are such a great touch!

  3. It looks fantastic Joanne, you must be thrilled. I love your multi-coloured buttons too!

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! The dress looks amazing, and it looks adorable on the little model :) The buttons add a lovely touch to the dress!

  5. It's absolutely gorgeous! I love the chambray - enough to make me want to try to squeeze my 14 year old daughter into it!

  6. Aww, very cute, and love the multi-coloured buttons! Love the wee bag from the other day too :o)


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