Friday, 16 November 2012

Elephant Softie

It's week two of the Ruby Star Wrap Along and this week I have picked the Elephant Softie to have a go at. It looked so cute in the book and I knew it was something that I would definitely use.
The idea is that you can use him or her to pop a gift card in the cute little pocket on it's back.
I used some gorgeous elephant fabric by Daiwabo for the body and then some Joel Dewberry Honeycomb and Aneela Hoey Sherbet Pips for the pocket.  
I personally think this would be an amazing way to give money or a gift card for a new baby! It took no time at all to sew together and I think he looks very cute!
I didn't make it the recommended size, but shrunk it down by printing the template two on one page. So he can't fit the card in but I can use him for money, which was what I need him for.
I think one of things I love most about this book is that the patterns are so adaptable. You don't have to stick to their sizes rigidly and a lot of the patterns actually show you how to make the item to the size you need! Also you are encouraged to use scraps of fabrics and recycle lots of household items, not keep buying.
I'm off to link this project up in the hope of winning one of the wonderful prizes in the wrap along!! Please pop over here to see all the other projects that are being made.
                                                         Ruby Star Wrap-Along


  1. Very cute & fun use of the elephant fabric!

  2. Oh! He is gorgeous Joanne, perfect for a new baby gift!

  3. Really nice and different idea, I wouldn't have ever thought about doing something like that ......I must admit, I thought you were going to wrap the elephant, which I thought would be a's always the funny shaped items that I'm rubbish at, although I guess the way to go is put them in boxes.

  4. I love this, so cute. Have a good weekend. Deb x

  5. Very cute, especially with the ellie fabric!

  6. It is a lovely little elephant, it is a wonderful idea for popping a little giftcard into :)

  7. I love this project, wouldn't it make the perfect tooth pillow? My girls have ones with a fairy on which they love to use when a tooth pops out, and it makes the tooth easier for the tooth fairy to find!


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