Friday, 9 November 2012

Fabric Wrapping!!

I have a thing about wrapping presents nicely! I don't care if it's money in an envelope, a gift card or a handmade present. A bit of time and care in the wrapping can make all the difference and I'm known as a bit of a wrapping control freak, especially at Christmas!! I always go with a colour theme and all adults presents are wrapped in coordinating paper. All the children's ones are wrapped in the same fun paper  and I have to pop a decoration or chocolate santa on the present with the tag as an extra thing to eat or use year after year and although I have very little control over Father Christmas' wrapping department, his also always arrives very well presented!
So, when I saw the Ruby Star Wrapping book I knew it would be a book for me and ordered it and loved looking through it. Then last week I saw that there was going to be a Ruby Star Wrap Along and I knew I'd have to join in!!! It's hosted by Amy and each week different bloggers are showing their take on an item from the book. This week it's Anna at Noodlehead and the item is Chinese Takeout Boxes.
Now, I fear I may have got carried away, as I loved making this project so much I made three!!

Yes, two in the regular size and one small! The great thing about this book is that it gives you a link to print out the templates. So I printed one at regular size and one with two items on one page to make the tiny one.
They were so simple and no sewing required!! I just know they will be great at Christmas for small items like jewellery, sweets, for gift cards or even homemade treats like cupcakes or rocky road! And I even think they will look great as decorations around the house or could you imagine 25 of these as an Advent Calendar.....................ok, I'm getting carried away again!!

I know that Christmas is months and months away (buries head in the sand!!) and I haven't bought a thing, but at least I know I've got a few boxes for last minute money or gift cards!!!

                                                                Ruby Star Wrap-Along
Oh, and please remember to go and have a look in the Flickr Group


  1. They are so gorgeous.
    I am with you on the wrapping. It makes such a difference.
    I think I might just have to get this book asap.
    Do you have to have a hot glue gun for these?

  2. Awesome project woman! I hoping you're linking up for a chance to win the prize!!!

  3. My sister is just like you and the queen of wrapping with amazing paper, tags, ribbon and I think they gave all the skill to her, as although I have every intention in being brilliant, I normally get the cello tape all caffled up, and then stuck on the paper in the wrong place which then pulls bits of the paper off...oh dear, it's disastrous....maybe you could start a wrapping service and I could send all my presents to you....jobsa-good'n?

  4. Your Takeout Boxes look great!

  5. These are so cute, I must check out that tutorial. In my head I am super-organised when it comes to Christmas wrapping but in reality it is always last minute with whatever is to hand. Maybe this year will be different!

  6. I'm so embarrassed, I got this book at SS and I *still* haven't had chance to open it! This project looks fab though as I'm crap at wrapping, and my family usually get gift bags. Mind you, given this year's pressies, I may have to supersize the template ;o)

  7. What a lovely idea - and what nice crisp edges and corners you have!


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