Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Hexagons, fun and a rocky road!!

We have had a very fun and family filled Easter weekend here, but I did get some crochet and sewing fitted in. 
Good Friday saw us travel to Windsor for a day out at Legoland!! The boys had no idea where we were going and as soon as they saw the road signs they were so excited.

They are huge Star Wars fans and there is a big display at the moment which they loved and of course we went on lots of rides too!!

Sunday and Monday were the days I could get some crafting fitted in, lots of quilting (which I will post about later in the week) and crocheting my hexagons.
Now, this week should have been my last hexagons and then on to the border...... but the wool gods had other ideas and left me 2 circles short of the orange that is in every center of the hexagons. I couldn't get believe I had to get another ball for 2!! But the lovely Suzanne had left a comment on my last hexagon post which suggested the orange as part of the border. I hadn't thought of the orange, it's a great idea, to use the one colour that is in every hexagon to tie them all together! I haven't got to John Lewis yet to purchase the ball so I'm a few short this week.

See the gaps at the bottom!

With the two hexagons missing and two incomplete I have 248 hexagons joined together in this colourful heavy blanket!! I wont be able to do a complete round of border by next week but will update you next Tuesday with how I'm getting on.

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that today I have been making a delicious Rocky Road with chocolate and sweets from the Easter eggs.

As my eldest son has a severe nut allergy and a fair few other allergy's. This means for him there are lots of chocolate and sweets that he can't eat and I always feel so bad constantly saying he can't have them. So I made him something he could have with some chocolate that I know he is fine with and some of the bars that he doesn't react to. The recipe is by Fiona Carins and what I love is that it just gives you how much of any chocolate you can add. This makes it sooooo flexible and great for us also I did add some raisins so that really should count as one of my fruit One a Day!! ; )
I'm off to read some blogs and have a lovely cup of tea and slice of rocky road xxx


  1. My boys love star wars and Lego too, it's a shame it's not a lot closer to us.

    D'you know observant that I am, I hadn't noticed all the orange centres, they all look different with the surrounding colours don't they?

    Your rocky road look lovely and I'm right in with your one a day!

  2. I know I keep saying it, but this blanket is beautiful! The orange will be great as a border.

  3. What a fun day at Lego land, I haven't been there for years. Those Rocky Roads look delicious. Oh no, how annoying, running out of wool but what a great idea using orange for the border. It will look stunning !!!! I look forward to seeing your quilting. Enjoy the rest of the week.xxx

  4. I think orange will be lovely. My nephew also cant have chocolate due to a number of allergies, its so hard at Easter especially!


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